Client Feedback November 2016

“Outstanding. I felt very reassured and informed. There was no ‘upselling’ which was very rare in my experience! Fantastic.”

“Very impressive, comfortable and enjoyable. Professionally – to details and treatment execution to the T. Well done everyone. All the best.”

“Lovely, clean, professional environment – everyone is very welcoming and makes you feel at ease. The Doctor explained everything very well and took the time to understand what I wanted out of the treatment – thank you!”

Review in Sheerluxe.com, Sarah Rodriguez:

“I’m struck by the fact that the colour and tone of my under-eye area looks the way I’m trying to make it look when I apply concealer – in other words, similar to the rest of my face – and the lines that travel from the inner corners of my eyes to my mid-cheek are noticeably diminished.

“A few days later, despite a couple of late nights in a row, the effects of the mesotherapy are discernible: I’m tired, but for once I don’t look it – and I’m thrilled.”

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Patient Review/Testimonial Video

Client Feedback – June 2016

“Lovely relaxing atmosphere with professional, caring Doctor and staff – makes you feel confident that you’re in good hands – thank you very much”
“Everyone is very friendly. All treatments explained. Dr and colleagues show a lot of understanding and the treatments have been very effective”
“Appreciated your patience, I was a little late and struggled a bit post first treatment. I was not rushed into anything”
“Wonderful clinic, super professional staff, excellent Doctor”

“Fantastic experience. Calming and enjoyable”

“Lovely clinic, professional and gentle. Dr Kubicka listens carefully at what you actually want!!”

“Thank you all for your care – I will not be anxious at all about my next visit”

“Very impressed overall. Friendly staff and a very relaxed environment”

“Always a pleasure to come! Dr Barbara is amazing at accessing my needs, explaining and most importantly carrying out (with utmost skill) the procedure. Never feel pain or stress and have complete trust in her!! Thank you!”

“Best clinic I have been to”

“Incredibly relaxing environment – thank you!”

“Excellent treatment and I couldn’t be more happy with the results”

“Very pleased with the treatment”

“What a pleasure to come and meet you all”

“Excellent treatment and I couldn’t be more happy with the results”

Client Feedback – July 2015

‘Having Hyperhidrosis treatment has changed my life’
‘Very friendly, very happy’
‘A great result, a great experience’
‘Very Happy’
‘Absolutely fantastic’
‘Very well organised and professional approach from start to finish’
‘I appreciated receiving the recommendations as part of a longer term plan’

RK, Cosmetic Treatments

In no uncertain terms be disconcerted by the frivolous Friday dress code of Dr.Kubicka. Underneath this playful exterior is an extremely knowledgeable kind dedicated lady who is steadily rising up to be one of the best aestheticians in England.

Having had numerous cosmetic treatments – including threading, peels and fillers – it is so rewarding when friends (and even strangers!) compliment the condition of my skin – and even more rewarding when they try and guess my age!

Dr. Kubicka and her team are undoubtedly one of the best ascetic clinics in London.

Exceptional treatments- exceptional team – cannot recommend highly enough!

Claire, Aqualyx Fat Removal Injections

Having been to see Dr Barbara Kubicka over the past few months for aestheticians treatments (Dr Barbara Kubicka being the best in Knightsbridge and Chelsea in my opinion) I decided to go to Dr Kubicka to try the Aqualyx Fat Removal Injections round my abdomen area.

At first I was a bit sceptical as to whether or not these injections would work, but wow after just 2 treatments I have lost 10 cm round my waist and still losing more as the treatment continues to work.  The treatment is pretty much pain free and takes about 30-40 mins from start to finish and there is no down time.  Dr Kubicka really listens to your concerns and explains the whole procedure at length.

I already feel much better in my clothes and feel more confident.  I would highly recommend this treatment and highly recommend Dr Kubicka for any treatments.

Karina, Botox

I have not written a testimonial before but…

I am so pleased with my botox results from Dr Kubicka!

I have been elsewhere in the past (only for convenience) but realised this was an absolute waste of time and money.

I will only continue my treatment with Dr Kubicka, not only for the wonderful results she achieves, but for her confidence and expertise within her field and her true opinion. I would also like to say the premises and staff are also lovely.

I look forward to my next visit.

Sophie, Neck Rejuvenation Treatment

“Having been to several doctors who specialise in injectable cosmetic procedures, I finally have found the best in London.

Not only does Dr Kubicka have a lot of experience, she uses all of the new products available. She has a gentle touch, resulting in pain free treatments, and creates a subtle and extremely natural look.

She understands, as a woman, what women today want to look like.

I recently had a neck rejuvenation treatment, aside from my usual Botox,which has had amazing results.”

Luci, Skin Rejuvenation

“Having reached an age when I felt I needed more help than just creams to maintain my skin, I was keen to explore other options.

However, like I suspect many other people like me, I have seen a lot of individuals whose treatments have had the adverse effect on their face.

I wanted to talk to Dr Kubicka as felt it was important that I went to a medical professional. I found that she took time to clearly explain all the options, the impact and timings. I am delighted with the outcome of my treatments and now a lot of

My friends are also going to see Dr Kubicka as they were so impressed with the results. I simply look like a refreshed version of myself!”

Debbie Rose, Dermal Fillers

‘Very fine needles are used with vials of the required dermal filler, which is gently and precisely injected into the area to be treated, following the insertion of the fillers Dr. Kubicka massages the product into place, ensuring even placement of the filler, with no lumps or bumps.  To say I’m thrilled is an understatement, I’ve had this treatment before and have always been reasonably happy with the results, but my experience with Dr. Kubicka surpasses any previous aesthetics treatment I’ve had.’

This review was featured on Luxuria Lifestyle

‘Dr Kubicka restored my confidence in my looks’ – Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

“My nose was broken when I was having a play fight with my brother at the age of 10. I don’t remember much about the incident, except my poor brother was absolutely mortified as the damage he had caused me was so unintentional.”

“Years later, when I hit puberty, I became more aware of my looks, and one day whilst looking at my side profile in the mirror, I noticed the extent of the damage that play fight had done to my nose; it was misshapen with a bump, and it made me feel very self-conscious, From then on, I never tied my hair back, as I didn’t want to draw attention to my nose, so I would always cover my face with my hair”.

“As the years progressed my lack of confidence about my nose was always present; it affected me not only physically but emotionally, too. My job in Fashion Retail means I meet new people constantly, and I was always conscious of my nose each and every time I met someone new”.

”After years of feeling terrible about it, finally, at the age of 39, I started to research Rhinoplasty procedures to correct my nose. However, the procedure was very costly, and I wasn’t comfortable with the whole idea of an operation and being put to sleep. I discovered Dr Kubicka from Clinicbe in Belgravia through a friend who had recommended her and went to see her in her clinic in Belgravia for a consultation.”

“Dr Kubicka was thorough and highly professional and I felt totally reassured in her capable hands. She offered a non-surgical rhinoplasty alternative, which I decided was the right option for me. On the day of the appointment Dr Kubicka numbed my skin using an anaesthetic cream, before injecting Juvéderm®, a filler, into the upper part of my nose to even out the bump and straighten my nose”.

“The whole procedure was painless and very quick; when I looked in the mirror afterwards I could immediately see a huge improvement. There was a tiny bit of swelling and a small bruise which only lasted a day or two, and I just covered that with foundation. Within that week, however, the results were incredible. My nose was completely straight and I couldn’t believe that I had suffered all of those years without having had this simple, painless and quick procedure done. I am eternally grateful to Dr Kubicka as my confidence has been completely restored.”    

Katie Mae – Botox Injections London

After my last birthday, I really started to notice the lines on my forehead getting deeper. I looked tired and grumpy, people were asking me if I was OK but I felt fine! I never really thought about having botox, but a colleague suggested Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe in Belgravia, just down from Knightsbridge underground. She suggested “baby botox” which used tiny amounts very delicately injected for a natural look. I look probably 4-5 years younger, not frozen at all. Very pleased and I’ll definitely keep up treatment when it wears off. Highly recommended

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Video Testimonial – Dermaroller

Emma (London) – Non-Surgical Nose Job

After rhinoplastybefore rhinoplasty

“I went to visit Dr Barbara Kubicka a few weeks ago with concern about a bump on my nose that has always bothered me, I never really wanted to go down the surgical route so when I found out she does the non surgical treatment at her Belgravia clinic I was excited about booking the appointment.”

“The treatment didn’t take very long at all it was just juvederm filler that she injected into and around my bump to smooth it out, absolutely painless and the results are just fantastic, Dr Kubicka is a genius, the staff are very very friendly and welcoming, I shall for sure be going back for other treatments and recommending her to all my friends.”


“You’ll be pleased to hear that I bumped into someone I haven’t seem for 2yrs today and the first thing she said was “OMG, your skin looks so amazing”.

“The Dr Barbara effect!! :-)”

Cindy – Lip Enhancement

“I LOVE my lips, you have done the most amaaaaaaaaaazing job and I so can’t wait for my top up not to make them necessarily bigger but to keep them nice and youthful for longer.”

“You are a magician and I’m so, so happy about having them done. I look forward to seeing you”

Emma – Botox Treatment

“I had been unsure about having Botox, but couldn’t ignore the lines getting deeper on my forehead, making me look cross all the time!”

“A friend recommended Dr Barbara who advised that a tiny bit of botox could make a big difference for me. She promised I wouldn’t look too plastic or frozen, so we went ahead. It was just a few tiny injections then all done.”

“Took a couple of days for the full effect. My angry look was gone, making me look calm and serene as well as a few years younger. Love it. Thank you so much!”