Humanitarian Work

Dr Kubicka’s past experience includes raising money for and actively assisting with charity and humanitarian work in her spare time.

Humanitarian Work

Barbara has spent holidays and free time involved in activities dedicated to raising money for charity. In addition, she has been involved in offering her skills on vital projects in parts of the world where people are less fortunate, such as Haiti


In 2011, she completed a climb of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This was as part of the Climb4Freedom team in aid of the A21 campaign to stop human trafficking. The team raised in excess of £100,000 in the gruelling climb.


Haiti Treatment Clinic

In 2012, Dr Kubicka participated in a humanitarian aid visit to Haiti to provide essential medical care for those who are still living homeless or without permanent housing in the aftermath of the earthquake.

The picture shows queues for treatment at the Albert Shweizer hospital in Haiti, where Dr Barbara Kubicka provided vital medical attention for those still living with the aftermath of the earthquake.


  • Special interest in women’s issues and helping people to achieve their potential
  • Specifically involved in helping to stop human trafficking


After years of karting, co-driving and dreaming of doing more motorsports, entering the GT5 motor-racing challenge is a big step.

By pursuing her hobby fully after putting it on hold for career purposes, she hopes to prove to women that they can pursue and achieve their personal goals, as well as to raise awareness of women’s issues.