Tuesday, June 18, 2013

lustre-approved-clinicA new Knightsbridge clinic is offering revolutionary and award-winning Lustre Pure Light Treatment for sufferers of acne. 

Lustre acne treatment offers a whole new approach to acne, using a special wear-at-home device to deliver pure light to the affected area. This kills the bacteria that cause acne in the same way that sun exposure can clear up the complexion. However, the device harnesses the safe light and has no UVA/UVB. It is also more reliable than the British weather and can be worn at home daily.

The system is ideal for patients with severe and long-term acne who are keen to find a solution. Many have already tried over the counter product and maybe even medication. Equally, the treatment approach works well for sporadic, hormonal or puberty-related acne, which tend to be shorter term but no less problematic for the sufferer.

Working with Dr Barbara Kubicka, as well as the opportunity to obtain the acne treatment device, patients can also benefit from further medical advice and additional cosmetic treatments such as peels or Dermaroller used in conjunction with the Pure Light treatment for optimum results. Vitally, Dr Kubicka also assesses any underlying causes of acne and provides helpful nutritional and lifestyle advice aimed at improving the condition.

Pure Light Acne Treatment

The blue LED light, also known as ‘pure light’ acne treatment, has won awards for its natural healing results.

Lustre is available from Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe in Knightsbridge; whose Lustre Pure Light programme crucially includes professional support and advice alongside the pure light device. Dr Kubicka’s clinic can also complement the pure light treatment with:

  • additional skin-enhancing treatments, such as mesotherapy, dermaroller, chemical peels
  • medication if required
  • nutritional and lifestyle advice

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