Friday, October 26, 2012

The Lustre Pure Light acne treatment device is revolutionising treatment options for those that suffer with acne. 

The device is worn at home daily and works by delivering “safe” pure light waves to the patient’s skin.

The pure light does not contain any harmful UVA or UVB waves. However, the pure light replicates the effect of the sun in killing the harmful bacteria that cause acne in the skin.

Best Magazine

Best magazine featured the acne treatment device in their “Supercharge your skincare routine” feature this month.

Best said:


Lustre Pure Light Treatment

treats spots and prevents break-outs using blue light technology in the form of pads attached to the skin, which kills bacteria that breed blemishes.

The light doesn’t emit heat or UV rays, so won’t damage skin, but it’s not suitable if you’re photo-sensitive or are taking medication that means you should avoid sun exposure.

It is available exclusively from specialist clinics like Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe; as the Lustre Pure Light programme crucially includes professional support and advice.


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