Tuesday, August 26, 2014

chiswick herald logoAs a regular spokesperson on the latest skin and beauty treatments, Clinicbe founder Dr Barbara Kubicka was invited to contribute to the Chiswick Herald’s Beauty, Health & Fitness section on the subject of Future Beauty Innovations And Trends.

The  Future Beauty Innovations And Trends feature takes a comprehensive look at the very latest treatments.

Dr Kubicka MD, CIME/ICAM, MBCAM explains:

The non-surgical treatments industry has seen massive growth throughout the last few years, with demand for anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments remaining buoyant even during the darkest days of the recession.
Perhaps one of the reasons is that the market is still in growth, expanding naturally as more and more consumers become aware of the treatments available and the results that can be achieved without surgery.

The feature introduces two of the latest treatments at Clinicbe’s Knightsbridge premises in London:

  1. Silhouette Soft – a non-surgical thread lift which can be used to quickly and effectively smooth out lines while toning and lifting the chin and jaw area, which can start to sag in the 30’s and beyond
  2. The Exquisite Facial – Dr Barbara Kubicka’s own creation, this treatment combines IPL with a specially chosen organic fruit chemical peel to renew the skin, tackling sun damage and even acne scarring with dramatic results

Dr Kubicka goes on to explain where the new treatments fit in with the tried and tested rejuvenation methods available on the market:

With the arrival of new technology and innovations, anybody considering a non-surgical skin treatment is best advised to choose a practitioner who has a broad range of skin treatment options and can therefore give the best possible advice on which would suit your skin requirements and budget.

Clinicbe, London

Dr Kubicka takes an unusually holistic approach to skincare treatments; treating the patient as a whole in order to get the best possible results from any treatments they may have.

Private consultations often include individual advice on nutrition, hydration and lifestyle as well as professional treatments.

Her treatment options are extensive. As well as popular botox and fillers, she also offers PRP, IPL and a range of cosmetology options. She also works with leading health experts including Dr Theodora Mantzourani a private holistic doctor with special interests in Functional Endocrinology and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Yvonne McMeel, Nutritionist and EFT Therapist and Dominic Knight Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email info@clinicbe.com