Monday, January 14, 2013

First Ladies

Clinicbe® founder, Dr Barbara Kubicka and Fitness Trainer Andy Elliot are pleased to announce their association with First Ladies London, London’s first ever ladies’-only private members concierge.

First Ladies are a three-part concierge, whose services include:

Lifestyle Concierge

Lifestyle services to help members have time to bring more luxury into life, to go to service providers they know have been tried and tested and to use lifestyle services they may not have used before.

Corporate Concierge

A wide range of corporate services that aim to help members maximise the value of their precious time; to help them run their companies, homes and have time and energy to enjoy being a director, a mother, a wife and love being a lady again.

First Ladies work with members as a virtual secretary or virtual assistant so instead of spending thousands of pounds a month on employing a personal assistant they can use First Ladies’ virtual assistant services for a fraction of the price and double the quality.

Entrepreneur Concierge

This membership allows members access to see their unique forum to ask both First Ladies and First Ladies member questions and recommendations while starting up a company.

First Ladies are also bringing a new lease of life to business networking and will be introducing fun and fabulous networking events. They say:

“We are sure you love networking with us, not only will you have a great night out with the girls but also go home with great value added to your growing business. We aim to make having your own startup as fun and easy as possible.”