Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dr Barbara KubickaA real life story is not always what you see on the surface. So often we create an image to hide behind; using position and money to conceal our true insecurities and emotions. Nobody wants to show their weaknesses and vulnerability.

Dr Basha Kubicka’s Story

I spent many years building my position in life, getting the best possible medical education and putting all my efforts into achieving success in every area. It took me a long time to understand that as much as it gave me personal satisfaction, it didn’t make any impact on people around me. This maybe because only very few really know me and my real story…

My journey started as a child, born with deformed feet and brought up by a single mum after the death of my father at the age of 3. Growing up in communist Poland being looked after by distant relatives led to me to hate myself as a teenager, with an episode of anorexia and years of emotional self-sabotage.  During this time I was still publicly a top student, awarded young artist and the perfect daughter… First impressions couldn’t be more wrong… I felt trapped and dead inside.

My only real entertainment was cars. Driving was big part of my life and whenever I was behind the steering wheel I felt like a completely different person, confident, happy and free. Unfortunately, however, I suffered a horrific accident during one a rally championship, resulting in spinal damage and 6 months in plaster.  Yet it was the turning point of my life. I knew I had a God-given second chance for a new life!

I came to the UK to start from the beginning. Years of hard work, determination, discipline and Gods’ blessings moulded me into who I am now; a doctor, entrepreneur, charity volunteer but most importantly a happy and emotionally free person.

Coming back to motorsport by entering the Ginetta GT5 Challenge is almost complete fulfilment in the final area of my life that needed to be conquered and healed. To overcome past negative experiences and build confidence is difficult and the extreme competitive environment makes the process even more challenging. I am blessed and privileged to be able to race again and to do so under my own strength. Being part of the team that supports me and believes in me is priceless.

The first race was a major turning point for me, after which I felt that I had finally broken away from the past and come out of my shell. Each step will not be easy. Motorsport is a very competitive and tough environment, but going through it, I will not only be able to gain new skills and experience but as well learn more about myself, flying further with every front wind, like an eagle.

I would love to think that through sharing my story I can encourage people around me – to set an example and to inspire. As much it helps them, it will strengthen me.