Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the london economic

clinicbe’s Dr Barbara Kubicka is now a regular contributor to The London Economic, where she will be writing about skin care and health related issues. 

Her first article is “10 tips to make tired skin look better”.

This isn’t about rushing for the dermatologists needle or the latest laser cure. Dr Kubicka is keen to work with the patient on improving their daily routines and habits, including diet, hydration, relaxation and exercise. Even small improvements in these areas can boost the condition and appearance of the skin.

Dr Kubicka says:

We like to advocate a natural, non-surgical approach to looking good and improving the skin, ensuring that our treatments work in harmony with appropriate nutrition and lifestyle, so our tips are based on an integrated, holistic and more natural approach to aesthetic medicine.

It’s not about a quick injection here or there, but a more thorough approach for better results.

10 Tips to Improve Tired Skin

  1. Exfoliate – Removing the top layer of dead skin cells instantly brightens the complexion. You can use a simple facial scrub or peel off mask at home, but intensive exfoliation at a professional clinic (using a chemical peel or microdermabrasion) will go deeper and also help with fine lines
  2. Stop smoking – skin will improve within days as the oxygen supply is increased. We know you’ve heard it before and it isn’t easy, but the NHS produces lots of helpful information, advice and support. Ask your GP for help
  3. Tackle the Eye Area – for patients struggling with signs of tiredness, improving the dark circles and opening up the eye area is far more beneficial than targeting frown lines on the forehead. The Eyedealise treatment at Clinicbe is an exclusive combination of treatments to revitalise the eyes
  4. Nutrition – Making big dietary changes to a healthy lifestyle is fabulous, but in reality it’s hard to achieve and maintain when you are stressed and tired. Instead, start with a few simple changes that you can manage – switch chocolate fixes for fruit, swap crisps for nuts, have a salad for lunch… any change you can make will help
  5. Micro Needling – a professional Dermaroller micro-needling treatment in the clinic is a fantastic way to stimulate the skin and kick-start collagen production. Home dermal rollers don’t go as deep, but are a good investment, as they can be used more regularly. Ensure that you get one from a reputable supplier that has been designed for DIY use
  6. Get Outdoors – Take time out of your busy schedule to get outside, even if it’s only a walk round the block at lunch. You’ll be breathing fresher air, letting your mind recharge and return to work feeling more relaxed. ALWAYS use a high protection sunscreen even on cloudy days
  7. Daily Routine – get your cleansing and moisturising routine nailed and check you are using the best products for your skin. Consider a daily exfoliating skin wash, so that skin can absorb moisturiser or serum
  8. Hydration – many patients suffer from dry skin due to not drinking enough – we can literally see it in the skin. Reducing caffeine and soft drinks in favour of water will give clearer and healthier skin. We recommend Kangen alkalised water
  9. Facials – a proper facial by a qualified cosmetologist is a perfect fix for improving the skin. Our new Lunchtime Express Facial fits into half an hour, leaving the skin refreshed. Patients also feel pampered and relaxed and ready to face the rest of the week
  10. Sleep – too many adults don’t get enough sleep. Stress and busy social lives often mean not getting to bed early enough, while young children that wake in the night are an additional challenge. Sleep is a complex issue, but try to understand the problems and face them. Better sleep will give massive benefits to how you look and feel


Dr Kubicka takes a holistic approach to skincare treatments; treating the patient as a whole in order to get the best possible results from any treatments they may have. Private consultations often include individual advice on nutrition, hydration and lifestyle as well as professional treatments.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email