Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Interpol figures have shown the extent of fake or counterfeit medicines.

Over $80 million worth of fake and counterfeit medicines were seized in a major operation in June last year, accounting for over 20 million units. In addition, in an attempt to block online sales of counterfeit medicines, 550 illicit online adverts were blocked and 2,400 illicit online pharmacies suspended. There have been further seizes since then, with $7 million in Asia in December 2016.

The global pharmaceutical market is valued at $1 billion a year and has doubled in the last decade. With the growth of the market, counterfeit goods have also become more prevalent. Interpol state:

It is impossible to quantify the extent of the problem, but in some areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America counterfeit medical goods can form up to 30% of the market.

There are a host of dangers involved in counterfeit medicines as the Interpol website explains:

Patients across the world put their health, even life, at risk by unknowingly consuming fake drugs or genuine drugs that have been doctored, badly stored or that have expired.

Illicit drugs can contain the wrong dose of active ingredient, or none at all, or a different ingredient. They are associated with a number of dangers and, at worst, can result in heart attack, coma or death.

Fake Botox and Fillers

UK experts have warned about the numbers of fake cosmetic injectable products have been found on the market in recent years. Some fake botox has been found containing no Botox at all, rendering it useless. However, in other cases, the risks were more extreme with dangerously high levels of potency which would result in an overdose. Other products lacked any real safety, quality or sterility assurance.

Dangerous dermal fillers have also been found for sale including illegal ‘permanent’ filler products which have a series of known risks, especially in the hands of an unqualified or untrained practitioner.

Advice for Buying Botox and Fillers

Sensible advice for clients to keep safe with cosmetic treatments includes:

  1. Never, ever buy injectable products over the internet
  2. Remember that Botox is a prescription-only medicine which should be prescribed by a doctor after face to face consultation
  3. Never consider DIY injections for Botox or fillers, this is very dangerous
  4. Always choose a qualified and experienced practitioner for your treatment – check their credentials
  5. Feel free to ask them where they buy their products – it should be a reputable medical supplier
  6. If you aren’t sure, don’t go ahead

Botox and Fillers London

Dr Barbara Kubicka, MD, CIME/ICAM, MBCAM is Founder, Director and Aesthetic Medicine Doctor of Clinicbe®, London. The clinic is based in the Knightsbridge area, easily accessible from and popular with those living or working in Chelsea and Mayfair.

As a highly trained and qualified Aesthetic Physician, Dr Kubicka carries out her consultations and treatments personally to the highest standards using top branded injectable products including Botox and the latest Juvederm Vycross range from Allergan plus Ellanse and Sculptra.

Dr Kubicka is renowned for a gentle and natural-looking result with high standards of care.


As well as a comprehensive range of cosmetic injections; Clinicbe also offers the latest skin treatment innovations such as PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy), PDO threads and advanced electrolysis.

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