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Spring Sunshine Skincare

spring sun skincareLast weekend saw fabulous weather with temperatures in the 20s and even reaching 25ºC in some areas.

After a winter under layers, many Brits were excited to strip off and expose pale skin to the sun. Beaches and parks were crowded, ice cream vans did a roaring trade and leggings or jeans were replaced for shorts and sundresses to make the most of the weather.

Unfortunately, the early warm weather has a downside too. Out of the habit of taking the usual precautions, many people went without sunscreen or stayed outdoors longer than they should have (or both), leading to pink skin – an indicator of sunburn.

When the air is cooler and the sun is further away, it can be tempting to think the normal rules of sun protection can be relaxed, but that is not the case.

So although the weather is a little cooler again this week, now’s the time to start preparing for the next little heatwave.

What’s more, as many of us have a more active/outdoors lifestyle in the summer, that first bit of sunburn is a reminder that we need to take sunscreen seriously – even on cloudy days.

Here are Dr Barbara Kubicka’s tips for getting ready for the sun.

Healthy Tan Tips from Dr Barbara Kubicka

Before Sun Exposure – Tan Activator

Having a base tan is a natural defence against the sun to a certain extent (though again, no substitute for sensible sun precautions). You’ll still need sunscreen when outdoors, but having a bit of tan also takes away the desperation for a bit of colour which can lead to over exposure!

Tan activator lotions can be helpful here in boosting the skin’s colour. BAKEL Suncare ‘Healthy Tan Secret’ lotion promotes and intensifies a natural and healthy tan, strengthening the skin’s natural defenses and giving some protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. The product contains Mauritia oil (giving beta carotene, and antioxidants) and emblica which helps to prevent sun damage and promotes a uniform tan, fighting sun spots.

When in the Sun – Sunscreen

We make no apologies for being predictable here, sunscreen is the single most important thing you can do for your skin. Protecting the skin against the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays is essential to reduce the risk of dangerous skin cancer. However, avoiding sun damage also keeps the skin looking more youthful. Many Hollywood celebrities now sport pale faces rather than permatan, knowing the importance of avoiding sun damage for preserving their looks.

Choose a good quality sunscreen with SPF50+. Wear it daily – even on cloudy days.  And when out in the sun, avoid the peak times, don’t stay out too long and cover up with hats/sunglasses/long sleeves too.

Post-Tan Skincare

BAKEL ‘After Sun Exposure’ cream is packed with 14 soothing and antioxidant active ingredients which combine to reduce the damage caused by free radicals, counteracting sun-induced skin ageing. The cream is nourishing and hydrating too. Again, this doesn’t replace sensible sun precautions, but after exposure to the sun, provides the skin with a much needed boost.

Supplements for Natural Sun Protection

Diet and supplements can make a big difference to the health of the skin and an anti-inflammatory diet can be an important part of building up natural sun protection and tolerance.

A healthy diet, avoiding processed foods and sugars, with lots of leafy greens and omega-3s is helpful, but adding supplements such as vitamin C, D3, cod liver oil, coconut oil and antioxidant Astaxanthin can further build the body’s anti-inflammatory resources over the summer season.

This is not a substitute for sunscreen and it is best to seek medical advice. Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe in London is expert on use of supplements for health and beauty.

Private Consultation

Every patient is different with a unique set of requirements. The consultation is the starting point, with discussion of the problems and what the patient is trying to achieve as well as a medical review; after which the doctor can recommend the most appropriate treatments.

Clinicbe London

Clinicbe® in London was founded by experienced Aesthetic Physician Dr Barbara Kubicka.

Dr Kubicka takes a holistic approach to skincare treatments; treating the patient as a whole in order to get the best possible results from any treatments they may have. Private consultations often include individual advice on nutrition, hydration and lifestyle as well as professional treatments.

Advice on skin treatments is made after extensive discussion and review and suggestions are made from one of London’s best ranges of skin treatments.

ClinicBe has a comprehensive range of skin treatments including cosmetology facials, injections and the latest treatments such as mesotherapy and PRP fillers. The clinic is based in the Knightsbridge area of London, easily accessible from and popular with those living or working in Chelsea and Mayfair.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email info@clinicbe.com.

Get Your Skin Ready for More Sun!
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Get Your Skin Ready for More Sun!
The early spring sun led to quite a few sunburns. Dr Barbara Kubicka advises how to prepare the skin with supplements, tan activator, sunscreen, aftersun.
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