Tuesday, November 6, 2012

pregnancy baby

Pregnancy is supposed to be a very special time – nurturing and growing a new life sounds very romantic. 

Yet the reality is far from pretty for many women. Pregnancy most often changes a person completely – mind, body and soul.

The changes to a woman’s body include not only an expanding waistline, but also growth in their breasts. Increased appetite can lead to a generalised weight gain and cravings are not always healthy, so can cause skin complaints.

While pregnancy is associated with a radiant glow of health, in fact, the hormone surges can cause quite a variety of skin problems, from hyperpigmentation (or melasma – pregnancy mask) to recurrence of acne.

Women receive plenty of information to help them understand the importance of looking after themselves while they are growing a new life, but research and media tend to focus on nutritional dos and don’ts.

Caring for the skin and body well during pregnancy gives a longer term benefit even after the baby is born and women who invest a little time and effort in this area can find that they recover their pre-pregnancy selves more quickly.

It is important to understand what treatments and products are safe for use during pregnancy, but more importantly, beauty is not just an external issue – caring for the body on the inside is a vital step towards a glowing skin on the outside.

Clinicbe® in Belgravia, London, specialise in working with mums-to-be and new mums on a variety of levels:

  • diet and nutrition – advice on how to nourish your body and baby throughout pregnancy
  • skincare treatments during pregnancy – professional cosmetic treatments to keep skin in tip top condition
  • skincare products – advice on what is safe for use during pregnancy and what products will help to manage skincare issues
  • fitness training – a safe and sensible fitness regime to care for your body throughout pregnancy will help throughout pregnancy, childbirth and recovery

Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe® offers private consultations which include a full medical review, dietary advice and skincare consultation with comprehensive fact-based advice on skincare, treatments and nutrition for pregnant mums. She specialises in helping pregnant women and those who have babies and young children.

Clinicbe® works with a team of professionals offering a holistic healthcare solution, from personal training and lifestyle coaching to sports medicine and therapy.

For a private consultation please telephone: 0207 125 0521 or email: info@clinicbe.com