Tuesday, October 27, 2015

belle about town

Article on Belle About Town

Dr Barbara Kubicka featured in the latest beauty article on Belle About Town – a lifestyle website for ‘style rich, time poor women who want to get the most out of their lives’.

Tightening The Jawline Is The New Botox

The article discussed how at London Fashion Week, the powerful front row of fashionistas displayed noticeably tight jawlines. They did have wrinkles and expression lines around the eyes and the forehead, demonstrating a move away from the frozen features associated with excessive botox; but had clearly had some treatment to ensure the absence of jowls.

Nefertiti Lift

The journalist Ashley Pearson said:

“After some calls to my best insider A-list Docs, it seems the new trend amongst power women is the Nefertiti Lift.”

“This is named for the Egyptian queen famous for (amongst other things) her very defined jawline.”

Clinicbe founder and Aesthetic Physician, Dr Barbara Kubicka, has carried out Nefertiti Lift at her Knightsbridge clinic for many years and was invited to explain it for the Belle About Town article.

She explained why addressing the jawline is so important:

“While the whole world expects it’s wrinkles that age you, it’s actually your face shape that’s making you look older.”

“The first thing that our mind assesses when it come to judging the age of the person is shape of their face. Our faces change with time from a triangle (high cheek bones and defined jaw line) to a square with a heavy jaw line and double chin.”

“The shape of the face is much more important than the lines and folds. In fact, according to recent research we universally recognise as younger, a person who is wrinkly but has a youthful face shape. Thus, traditional Botox on the forehead alone doesn’t improve appearance, but changing the shape of your face and tightening your jaw line, does.”

Jawline and Jowls Treatments

Traditionally, the jawline and jowls have been seen as difficult areas to treat, which is probably why so many doctors have focused primarily on the forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

However, there are now a number of options for addressing this area.

1. Aqualyx Injections

Aqualyx works to dissolve fat cells and can be used around the jawline and under the chin to address pockets of stored fat. The Aqualyx injections break dow the fat which is simply then expelled from the body through normal bodily functions.

2. Skin Tightening

Loss of skin laxity can be rectified with a variety of skin treatments depending on where the loose skin is located and how bad it is. Options include:

  • Dermaroller microneedling
  • Radio Frequency or laser treatment
  • Addressing loss of volume in the upper face with dermal fillers or Sculptra, resulting in an improvement to the lower face

3. Lifting Treatments

Again, treatment must start by defining the problem.

  • An overactive Platysma neck muscle that pulls the corner of the jawline down with every contraction can be relaxed with Botox to create a lift
  • Nefertiti lift
  • Thread lift using PDO threads which work for both lifting and tightening by increasing collagen production within the skin

And with all of these treatments, subtlety is what you’re aiming for. Says Dr Kubicka:

“The greatest advantage is that we can improve the lower face, lift it and tighten without adding extra volume (as seen before with the dreaded “pillow faces look”) which allows us to achieve not only a younger but as well more naturally beautiful facial appearance.”

Clinicbe London

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Private consultations include individual advice on nutrition and lifestyle to help tackle skincare issues from within and compliment professional treatments and cosmetic injections.

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