Tuesday, March 26, 2013

hair loss treatmentBeing in the public eye is never easy, especially when you are battling an issue such as hair loss. The media is quick to circulate any unflattering pictures exposing every detail to general scrutiny. 

Celebrity sister Kim Kardashian teased him about his thinning hair on their reality show and he had been reportedly taking treatment including a laser comb and special shampoo to combat the hair loss. He commented:

‘It really bugs me that Kim makes these comments like, you’re balding,’

However, latest photos have led to speculation that he is not following his treatment or that it is not working.

At 26, Rob Kardashian is young to suffer from hair loss, but is certainly not alone. Male pattern baldness will affect 70% of men during their lives, but when it occurs in the twenties, the symptoms are not just visible but can also result in self-esteem issues and a drop in confidence, not helped by the comments of those around. 

Hair Loss Treatment London

Treating hair loss early is always advisable, as there is a finite amount of human hair and the best approach is to retain it as long as possible. Finding an effective treatment is important. There is no need to rush into expensive or traumatic surgery, there are non-surgical options which can be very helpful.

Medication prescription-strength Minoxidil has been shown to slow or stop hair loss and even promote hair regrowth. It is applied 1-2 times a day to the scalp as an ongoing programme and works to stimulate hair follicles and growth.

Minoxidil is available from Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe in Belgravia, London. The clinic offers a confidential, sympathetic and private service for patients who live and work in West London, including Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Mayfair.

As well as Minoxidil, Dr Barbara Kubicka has also developed her own unique and comprehensive approach to hair loss, known as the Triple Synergy Hair System. This solution combines 3 approaches for a full programme of hair loss treatment designed to boost the health of the scalp:

PRP – platelet rich plasma – is also available at the clinic which utilises the healing power of the body’s own purified blood plasma.

Treatment plans are tailor-made to suit the individual pattern of hair loss.

To book a private consultation with Dr Kubicka, please telephone: 0207 125 0521; or email:info@clinicbe.com