Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Botox syringe and lips.Leading London Aesthetic Physician Dr Barbara Kubicka MD, founder of Clinicbe, appeared in Luxuria Lifestyle website’s beauty section in their feature on lips. 

See Luxuria Lifestyle: Kissable Lips for Valentine’s Day.

The article sets out how fuller lips are desirable and attractive, yet many people now really dislike the idea of the ‘trout pout’ which can result from over-filling the lips or inexpert technique.

In this feature, Dr Kubicka explains to Luxuria Lifestyle’s readers how lip enhancement fillers should be considered differently according to the age of the patient – as well as the natural lip shape, overall facial shape and proportions and any other relevant factors.

Lip Fillers by Age

Lip enhancement for the 20’s-30’s

Patients in the 20’s-30’s are looking to create a fuller smile with more volume and fullness. Dr Kubicka explains:

“In your 20’s lip augmentation is more forgiving and generally the filler is injected right into the lip itself, but as you age, and into your 30’s you will need to lessen the amount of volume you are using if you want a look that is anywhere approaching natural.” “Additionally, the filler should be distributed in a slightly different way. This means less volume into the lips themselves and more around to enable compensation of initiated volume loss in the surrounding area, creating a frame for the lips.”

Lip enhancement over 40

Lip fillers can be very beneficial over the age of 40 as an anti-ageing treatment, to correct loss of volume which occurs with the natural ageing process. Dr Kubicka explains how lip treatments are adjusted as the patients become older:

“Lip fillers become increasingly popular after 40 as lips naturally thin at this stage, but it’s imperative that the filler is injected evenly into the lips but as well the lip border and areas around to treat as well lines around the mouth, which allows you to achieve a natural, beautiful look.”

Asymmetry or shape correction

For patients whose lips are asymmetrical, naturally thinner on the top or bottom leading to an imbalanced look, lip fillers can be used to create a more balanced and harmonious lip shape. Dr Kubicka says:

“Another concern that can be addressed at any age is lip asymmetry or shape correction, but this needs to be discussed on an individual basis.”

“It’s possible to have beautiful lips at any age, you just need to find the right Dr who knows that each and every pair of lips deserves a bespoke approach .”

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Dr Barbara Kubicka is founder, director and doctor at Clinicbe® in London.

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