Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It is a fairly common preconception that women spend more than men on grooming. 

However, new research explodes that myth when it comes to preparing for a date:

  • British men spend £46.79 on treatments
  • Women spend £41.79

Treatments men are splashing out on include new underwear but also haircuts, waxing and facials to look their best, while women are more likely to invest in a leg wax, with 58% voting for the hair removal treatment.

The research backed up the old adage “look good, feel great”, as 55% of the men surveyed said they spent the money to give them confidence.

This research backs up a trend in aesthetic medicine, where treatments such as botox and fillers are becoming increasingly popular among male clients keen to fight the signs of ageing.

A spokesperson for Clinicbe, Belgravia skin treatment clinic, explained:

“Having a cosmetic treatment has a number of benefits. Firstly, it can make you look  younger – this can be an advantage both professionally and is especially popular with those seeking or embarking on new relationships.

However, as this research indicates, having a treatment that makes you look good also boosts confidence and the way you feel too.
The trend towards men having such treatments is definitely on the up.”


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