Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dr Basha Kubicka will be entering the Ginetta GT5 Challenge in 2013, the only woman to race in this demanding series of events. 

basia kubicka car graphics

In signing up for the Ginetta GT5 Challenge, Dr Kubicka is making a big personal commitment to invest time and money as well as improve her personal fitness and stamina.

However, in taking on the races, she is also keen to set an important example for her patients to follow their aspirations and pursue their dreams.

Her past experience includes raising money for and actively assisting with charity and humanitarian work. Therefore she also hopes to raise awareness of women’s issues such as human trafficking over the race season.

Media Interest

As a new racer and the only woman in this year’s GT5 Challenge Cup, Dr Basia Kubicka has already received extensive online coverage and media interest including TV.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are extensive sponsorship opportunities and options for those who wish to support Dr Kubicka in the Ginetta GT5.

The top “gold package” is open to negotiation, but potential benefits of sponsorship could include company logo on the car and on Dr Kubicka’s race suit and helmet – excellent exposure in the event of photos or TV interviews. Sponsors will also receive a logo, description/message and weblink on Dr Barbara Kubicka’s website as “Gold Sponsor” as well as mention of their company through Twitter and Facebook. The company name with description and weblink will also be included in press releases and Dr Kubicka available for training or motivational speaking (up to 2 separate events) for gold sponsors only.

The silver and bronze packages offer a variety of tangible benefits at attractive investment levels.

Contact Us

To learn more, please contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities. Please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email info@clinicbe.com.

About Clinicbe®

Dr Barbara Kubicka’s Belgravia clinicbe® was established as her own unique concept in integrated skin and healthcare. The clinic offers an extensive range of cosmetic and medical skin treatments for a variety of conditions.

Anti-ageing treatments are the most popular, with botox injections and dermal fillers topping the list. Dr Kubicka is renowned for beautiful results that appear subtle and natural.

However, as well as helping patients to fight off lines and wrinkles, Dr Kubicka also has a range of treatments for medical conditions ranging from excessive sweating and thread veins to hair loss and hyperpigmentation.