Tuesday, December 4, 2012

pregnancy babyDr Barbara Kubicka’s new Clinicbe® concept offers an innovative approach to holistic healthcare; complementing its doctor-led skincare treatments with a range of nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing services. The clinic specialises in the challenges of pregnancy and being a new Mum.

Clinicbe® is fast establishing a reputation for going beyond the skincare concerns of its patients to understand and treat the person as a whole with dietary advice and lifestyle/wellbeing services to complement their skin treatments.

This holistic care approach is especially gaining popularity with pregnant and new Mums, who often struggle to get relevant and individual advice on their skincare and healthcare needs during this potentially challenging time.

Clinic founder and director Dr Kubicka explains:

Pregnancy most often changes a person completely – mind, body and soul. While pregnancy is associated with a radiant glow of health, in fact, the hormone surges and changes in diet can cause quite a variety of skin problems, from hyperpigmentation (or melasma – pregnancy mask) to recurrence of acne.”

“It is important to understand what products are safe for use during pregnancy. For example, fillers, wrinkle-relaxing injections and peels for example are not advisable during pregnancy.”

“However, equally importantly, we must recognise that beauty is not just an external issue – caring for the body on the inside is a vital step towards a glowing skin on the outside especially with the changes that occur during pregnancy and after childbirth.”

Clinicbe® in Belgravia, London, specialise in working with mums-to-be and new mums on a variety of levels:

  • skincare – advice on managing skincare issues as well as what is safe for use during pregnancy and beyond
  • diet and nutrition – how to nourish your body and baby throughout pregnancy
  • fitness training – a safe and sensible fitness regime to care for your body throughout pregnancy and recovery
  • styling and fashion consultancy – helping women choose appropriately for their changing shape during and following pregnancy

About Clinicbe®

Clinicbe® is a very simple idea which embodies Dr Kubicka’s passion for treating the patient as a whole in order to get the best possible results from any treatments they may have. This is especially relevant during pregnancy and beyond into early motherhood, where women benefit greatly from having their whole healthcare needs considered, rather than just a specific problem area.

Clinicbe® work with a number of dedicated professionals to provide expert advice and support including personal trainers, life coaches, sports therapists and fashion consultants. Clinic founder Dr Barbara Kubicka offers an extensive range of cosmetic and medical skincare treatments.

Clinicbe® is based in Belgravia, London. For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please call 0207 125 0521, email info(at)clinicbe(dot)com or see the website for further information and contact details www.clinicbe.com.