Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NEW SKIN TREATMENTClinicbe based in Knightsbridge, London has announced the launch of PDO Thread Lifts.

PDO threads are a brand new skin treatment for lifting and rejuvenating the skin. The procedure is ideal for those looking for gentle, non-invasive alternatives to the facelift, but has much wider benefits than might at first be considered.

Firstly, the principle of using threads in the skin’s mid layer allows the doctor to lift and manipulate the skin, contouring the face, reducing sagginess and smoothing out wrinkles. However, unlike other thread lift systems, the PDO threads do not contain ‘cones’ which means that skin is not over-pulled or stretched, achieving a very natural look.

Secondly, the threads themselves are also critical to the success of the procedure. Inserting super-fine threads into the skin triggers the body’s healing mechanisms, which means improved circulation and collagen production. The effects continue to build for a number of weeks while new skin cells are produced, improving skin texture from within for a fresh and radiant appearance.

Finally, the clinically proven threads have a wide variety of uses beyond facial ageing. They can be used to tackle more difficult areas such as the neck and delicate decolletage; and can also be used on the body, lifting areas such as loose tummy skin or sagging breast tissue. The system appeals to patients from the age of around 25 who are looking for a simple and effective way to rejuvenate and lift the skin.

The PDO threads are inserted using a needle, so there are no scars to worry about and they are gradually absorbed back into the body. It has more in common with dermal fillers than facial surgery, being very non-invasive and well-tolerated.

The benefits of PDO thread lift last around 18 months and treatment can then be repeated.

For those requiring a more dramatic lifting result, Dr Barbara Kubicka also offers the Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift.

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Dr Kubicka offers a range of cutting edge cosmetic treatments to help clients in the Knightsbridge area of London make the most of their skin through every stage of the ageing process.

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Popular aesthetic treatments include wrinkle-relaxing injections and facial fillers as well as mesotherapy and dermaroller.

The clinic also has the latest pain-free mesotherapy injection system.

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