Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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This autumn has been incredible.

Instead of wind, rain and cold; we’ve enjoyed mild breezes and even felt the heat of the sun throughout October. Temperatures reached 18 degrees in Brighton on 31st October compared to an average of 12 degrees.

Now November is here and meteorologists are warning the UK to prepare for much colder temperatures; because the winds are changing and the weather is about to be dominated by a more seasonal northerly wind.

Temperatures are unlikely to exceed 10 degrees in the South and there’s even a chance of snow over high ground in the North and Scotland.

The sudden change will come as a shock to the skin and Dr Barbara Kubicka is warning patients to be alert for skin problems.

She says:

“It’s not just the colder temperatures which can ravage skin. The air in winter tends to be drier too, which can result in dry, itchy, flaky skin. In addition, cosying up with the central heating or a warm fire can also upset the skin.

“We tend to associate winter skin problems with dryness, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes the effect of temperature change can make the skin go into overdrive on sebum production, becoming oily with outbreaks of spots/acne.

“With Christmas parties only a month away, now’s the time to address any problems.”

DIY Treatments

Prevention is better than cure… here are some ideas for improving your skin this winter:

  1. Protect your skin from cold wind as much as possible, avoiding exposure to harsh elements
  2. Protect yourself from UV rays. Keep wearing sunscreen with a high SPF factor even on cloudy days
  3. Wear a good moisturiser suitable for your skin type. This may be a heavier moisturiser than in summer
  4. Avoid frequent changes of sudden temperature e.g. coming from cold air into a very warm house
  5. Protect your skin from the cold wind by wearing suitable clothing and keeping under shelter where possible.
  6. Look after your immune system by including plenty of vitamin C to avoid catching colds
  7. Get plenty of rest/sleep – a good sleep will leave you looking and feeling better – it’s nature’s own healer

Cosmetic Treatments

Sun Damage

The end of summer and beginning of winter is a natural time to review any signs of sun damage.Over-exposure to the sun can leave skin with pigmentation, sun spots, poor complexion and premature wrinkles. Clinicbe’s exclusive Exquisite Facial is the perfect combination treatment for tackling sun damage for clearer, brighter, more youthful skin.

Wrinkle Relaxer

One of the most popular treatments remains Botox injections, an anti-ageing treatment which is particularly effective for softening lines and wrinkles in the upper part of the face including the forehead and the delicate eye area.


Mesotherapy is a series of tiny injections of carefully chosen solution. These work on two levels – firstly to address issues in the skin such as hydration, laxity or nutrient issues; but secondly to stimulate the skin’s healing process simply through the injection process. This is a speciality of Dr Barbara Kubicka with a host of potential applications.

Skin Consultation

Every patient is different with a unique set of requirements. The consultation is the starting point, with discussion of the problems and what the patient is trying to achieve as well as a medical review; after which the doctor can recommend the most appropriate treatments.

Clinicbe London

Clinicbe® in London was founded by experienced Aesthetic Physician Dr Barbara Kubicka.

Dr Kubicka takes a holistic approach to skincare treatments; treating the patient as a whole in order to get the best possible results from any treatments they may have. Private consultations often include individual advice on nutrition, hydration and lifestyle as well as professional treatments.

Advice on skin treatments is made after extensive discussion and review and suggestions are made from one of London’s best ranges of skin treatments.

Clinicbe has a comprehensive range of skin treatments including cosmetology facials, injections and the latest treatments such as pain-free mesotherapy and PRP fillers. The clinic is based in the Knightsbridge area, easily accessible from and popular with those living or working in Chelsea and Mayfair.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email info@clinicbe.com.