Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

skin peelPRP is one of the newer developments in medicine and as such, practitioners are still discovering more uses for the versatile healing treatment.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and the therapy offers a natural path to healing and rejuvenation by utilising the body’s own powerful substances.


For many, the key benefit of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is that it is an advanced anti-ageing treatment, helping patients to look and feel younger. Hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie have received PRP injections in the face to naturally boost collagen, smooth out wrinkles and give the skin a healthy and younthful ‘glow’. By using the body’s own healing plasma, the treatment avoids any artificial toxins or fillers as used in other treatments and achieves a soft result. As the therapy works with the body’s own mechanisms, the results can last too so that the skin is softer, smoother and stronger for longer.

Hair Loss

PRP has also been found to be effective in stimulating hair growth, which is powerful for those with hair loss especially when combined with other treatments such as vitamin injections and Minoxidil.

Clinicbe founder, Dr Barbara Kubicka, has developed her own unique and comprehensive approach to hair loss, known as the Triple Synergy Hair System which combines vitamin injections and mesotherapy as clinic treatments alongside Minoxidil for a full programme of hair loss treatment designed to boost the health of the scalp and also offers Platelet Rich Plasma therapy in her Knightsbridge clinic.

Healing and Sports Therapy

PRP also has a range of medical uses and actually began as a regenerative treatment for wounds and joint pain such as ligaments, tendonitis, soft tissue injuries and arthritis. This has made it a popular choice for sporting injuries both for professional and amateur athletes. It can relieve pain from soft tissue e.g. tennis elbow. Tiger Woods is said to have had successful PRP treatments for golf-related injuries and strains.

It has also been used in urology, ophthalmology and cardiovascular medicine.

The PRP Process

  1. Firstly, a sample of the patient’s blood is taken
  2. The blood is then spun to purify and concentrate it to Platelet Rich Plasma
  3. When the PRP is reintroduced to the body via injection or micro-needling, it works powerfully to boost healing, repair and collagen and the practitioner can target the PRP very directly at the area and issue being treated

The process helps the body to create tissue rejuvenation which lasts a long time with minimal risk of side effects.

Contact Us

PRP platelet rich plasma therapy is available from Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe in Belgravia, London.

The clinic offers a range of anti-ageing and medical skin treatments and serves patients who live and work in West London, including Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Mayfair.

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