Tuesday, December 10, 2013

botox signs of tirednessLong working hours, especially in front of a computer screen, stress, and family commitments all can make your face look tired and feel unattractive.

Add to that the pre-Christmas shopping stress plus a few late nights partying and even the healthiest skin can start to look drawn.

There are certain features of your face that can give a tired look. The most significant are dark circles or shadows around your eyes. Whatever you do it is very hard to remove them as they are a permanent effect of hyperpigmentation, loss of volume of soft tissue around the eyes and broken capillaries.

Fortunately, it can be treated with aesthetic medicine procedures like dermal filler and peels.

Another very common sign of fatigue is the fold between your nose and lips called the naso-labial fold. Treatment is very simple and involves a few injections of facial filler.

Finally, dry and dull skin can create an overall impression of tiredness. With a cosmetology facial or course of medically supported skincare you can achieve fresh, healthy and strong looking skin which complement your appearance.

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