Wednesday, January 2, 2013

botoxBotox is the world’s most popular wrinkle relaxing injection and has been proven time after time to smooth out lines and creases that can appear with ageing. 

However, now researchers have shown that botox has benefits for a person’s emotional and mental well-being too, proving the “look good, feel good” adage. 

The research has gone as far as to suggest botox can be used to treat depression. Obviously this depends on the nature of depression a person is experiencing. However, in the trial which was held in Maryland, USA; the symptoms of severe depression improved in more than 25% of patients.

This research also supports previous suggestions that frowning can make a person more depressed, so suppressing that frown helps a person to feel better by stopping the signals to the brain that indicate stress.

The research compared patients with long term depression. Half had Botox treatment and half a placebo injection.

  • 27% of Botox patients reported improvements in their depression
  • 7% for those who received the placebo


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