Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Acne is the most common skin condition and actually affects 80% of the population at some time. 

It can be highly distressing, causing redness, pustules, blisters and spots which can appear as quite a large rash.

Although associated with the teenage years, acne can continue well into adulthood.

‘At Home’ Pure Light Acne Treatment Device:

Help is at hand to sufferers in London with Lustre Pure Light, a revolutionary acne device that could help many sufferers who have exhausted other treatment options available from their GP or pharmacist.

Lustre Pure Light harnesses safe, clinically proven blue light technology and delivers optimum dosage of light to improve acne. It is a unique wearable device that makes it easy to build treatment into their daily routine at home.

Lustre Pure Light is a new and innovative approach to tackling this complex condition, developed by Dermatologists. It is available exclusively from specialist clinics like Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe; as the Lustre Pure Light programme crucially includes professional support and advice.

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