Friday, August 2, 2013

natural health rosacea

A keen advocate of Natural Health herself, Dr Barbara Kubicka was the perfect choice for Natural Health magazine’s feature on rosacea. 

Rosacea is a condition that causes reddening of the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin, even spreading to the chest, decolletage, neck or scalp for some sufferers.

The skin can feel dry and tight and is highly sensitive.

It often occurs around the 30’s and is especially prevalent in women.

Skin Treatments

Dr Barbara Kubicka MD, founder of Clinicbe in Knightsbridge, recommends a combination of science and nature.

She explains:

The conventional approach to rosacea is very limited; it involves only topical or oral antibiotics. However, modern aesthetic medicine brings many new solutions.

The most effective is a combination of IPL treatments (to target skin redness and inflammation) with the use of natural, home and in clinic products such as light hydroxy acids; which help to balance sebum production.

It’s important to seek professional advice as a lack of knowledge can cause more harm to the skin than benefits.

About Clinicbe®:

Dr Kubicka founded Clinicbe to offer a new holistic approach to skincare treatments; treating the patient as a whole in order to get the best possible results from any treatments they may have.

Private consultations include individual advice on nutrition and lifestyle to help tackle skincare issues from within and compliment professional treatments.

In addition, Dr Kubicka can prescribe or recommend the most appropriate professional skincare for use at home. Popular treatments include Botox injections and dermal fillers as well as mesotherapy and dermaroller. The clinic also offers highly effective light-based treatment for stubborn acne.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us:

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