Tuesday, January 19, 2016

body shapeMany of us start the New Year with renewed optimism, committing to fitness and dietary regimes to improve body shape and figure. However, the winter season can leave us feeling very run down and lethargic – in fact, three quarters of Brits feel run down and tired during the winter months, lacking energy and drive.

Feeling SAD in Winter?

The winter blues might sound like a bit of a myth, but there is sound scientific evidence to support that idea that shorter days and lack of sunlight affect our moods. With shorter daylight hours, the body produces less melatonin, causing lethargy and low mood.

But as we progress towards spring days are becoming longer. Grab a jacket and take a lunchtime walk to get a bit of natural sunlight at its peak and make your home and work environment as light and airy as possible. While you might not feel like it at first, exercise is a fabulous way to fight winter tiredness. The recommended goal is 150 minutes of exercise a week. That sounds a lot but it’s actually just over 20 minutes a day. Experts say that exercising in late afternoon is optimum for reducing early evening fatigue and improving the quality of your sleep – if you can’t manage that in the week, ensure that you do at the weekend.

Vitamin Deficiencies

Another cause of tiredness in winter is lower vitamin D production. The sun is the main source of vitamin D and lower levels of exposure can lead to vitamin D deficiency – a consequence of which is – guess what – tiredness. An exotic holiday sounds appealing but is only a short term solution even if it is realistic.

More effective longer term choices include:

  • Vitamin D rich diet choices – oily fish, eggs, meat
  • Vitamin D supplements – recommended by the government for everybody at risk of vitamin D deficiency
  • IV infusion

Deficiency Assessment

Our health can be affected by a large number of deficiencies of vitamins and minerals or excesses of heavy metals. One way to identify what could be influencing the way you feel is to have an in-depth blood scan. The latest OligoScan Advanced Cellular Testing technology doesn’t actually require a sample of blood, but uses advanced scanning to assess your health, providing detailed information on deficiencies and excesses in your system by assessing trace elements in the tissues.

OligoScan testing is commonly used to assess what supplements could be of benefit to improve health, vitality and immunity. It can also highlight issues relating to heavy metal toxicity or anti-oxidant levels, which may explain symptoms like tiredness, insomnia or stress.

Understanding an advanced blood test allows the doctor unusual visibility of what could be influencing a person’s health and enables them to prescribe the appropriate intravenous treatment, supplement or lifestyle changes.

OligoScan is now available at Clinicbe in Belgravia, London.

IV Infusion Therapy

Where there are dietary deficiencies, diet and supplements are not always the best and most direct means of improving them. Intravenous (IV) infusion therapy has become a very popular option for addressing issues of fatigue, dehydration, immunity, colds and other winter symptoms. IV therapy is a system of delivering vitamins, nutrients or other substances directly into the venous system where they can be rapidly absorbed by the body.

This treatment is the ideal follow-on to OligoScan, as the results of cellular testing can be directly addressed using micronutrient infusions.

IV Infusion therapy was launched at Clinicbe in 2015 and has rapidly become a popular option with patients visiting regularly for a tailor-made treatment.

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