Wednesday, September 12, 2012

dr ralph rogers sports medicineDr Barbara Kubicka, Founder and Director of Clinicbe, is delighted to announce a new association with Dr Ralph Rogers, renowned sports medicine doctor. 

This new arrangement makes available a wide range of sports medicine, sports therapy, exercise physiology and orthopaedic medicine services to suit a variety of needs from soft tissue injury and orthopaedic medicine.

Dr Rogers also offers innovative PRP platelet rich plasma therapy which is a new technology offering powerful healing for a variety of conditions for professional and amateur athletes alike.

PRP is an exciting new treatment which Dr Barbara Kubicka has already advocated for a wide range of skin treatments including anti-ageing and scar treatments.

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Dr Rogers has impeccable credentials in the field of sports medicine. As well as medical qualifications, his extensive post-graduate achievements include a PhD in Exercise Physiology, an MBA and a University Sports Medicine Fellowship.

Having worked as first team doctor for Chelsea Football Club and Sports Physician to Warwickshire County Cricket Club, he is well-respected as a Sports Medicine Doctor.

Read more about Dr Ralph Rogers qualifications and professional experience.

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