Tuesday, September 23, 2014

the london economicclinicbe founder Dr Barbara Kubicka regularly writes for a number of London based publications and websites, including The London Economic.

She shares her expertise, knowledge and advice on a wide range of beauty, skin care and health related issues.

Her latest article is entitled: How to Reverse Sun Damage, an extremely topical subject as we approach autumn.

The article starts with straightforward and common sense advice about the importance of sun protection, as Dr Kubicka explains:

Don’t be fooled by the title of this article…

The first thing you need to know about sun damage is that it is unfortunately irreversible.

It is also avoidable and the best treatment is preventing it from happening in the first place.

However, with advances in modern aesthetic treatments, there are more and more options to treat the common consequences of over-exposure to the sun.

When the tan fades, skin in the autumn can look tired and the common consequences of sun damage are all the more visible on paler skin. Sun damage can result in a range of undesirable ills including:

  • Premature fine lines and wrinkles
  • Freckles or age spots
  • Pigmentation issues or hyperpigmentation
  • Tired, dehydrated or dry skin
  • Poor complexion or texture, lack of radiance

For treating the signs of sun damage, Dr Kubicka’s top recommendation is her very own combination of some of the latest skin treatments – The Exquisite Facial.

The Exquisite Facial combines the benefits of Intense Pulsed Light treatment using her state-of-the-art IPL equipment together with a course of chemical peels which exfoliate the skin to prepare it and provide the IPL waves easier access to penetrate the skin layers more intensively.

The two treatments work together in harmony to boost the condition of the skin, tackle areas of pigmentation and stimulate cell renewal for tighter and fresher skin with reduced fine lines and noticeably improved complexion and texture.

Advanced Skin Treatments, London

Dr Kubicka offers a range of cutting edge skin treatments for a range of conditions, but her success is based on her unique approach to integrating skin and healthcare so that the patient receives treatment and advice for the best results ‘inside and out’. That’s why private consultations include individual advice on nutrition and lifestyle to help tackle skincare issues from within and compliment professional treatments.

Popular treatments include wrinkle-relaxing injections and facial fillers as well as mesotherapy and dermaroller.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email info@clinicbe.com