Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dr Barbara Kubicka Clinicbe LondonThe Times has carried out an undercover investigation into Botox practices in the UK and issued a warning for prospective clients. 

Botox Prescriptions Need Face to Face Consultation

Reporters found that there are still doctors who prescribe Botox without seeing patients first. This is against GMC (General Medical Council) guidelines, which state that a doctor must see the patient before prescribing the anti-ageing solution.

The onus is on the prescribing doctor; so if a doctor prescribes Botox to be administered by a third party (e.g. a beautician), GMC guidelines require the doctor to meet the patient before writing a prescription. There is no requirement for beauticians to ensure that their clients see a doctor before they give the treatment.

A doctor has actually been struck off the GMC register after it was discovered he ‘remotely prescribed’ Botox to hundreds of nurses.

There have been various investigations into the cosmetic treatments market and a series of recommendations for tighter regulations. However, until there are stricter laws in place to protect consumers, patients are best to take care when choosing a provider.

Botox Knightsbridge London

Dr Barbara Kubicka runs Clinicbe based in Knightsbridge, London. The clinic has operated for a number of years and Botox is a very popular treatment.

As a highly trained Aesthetic Physician, Dr Kubicka carries out her consultations and treatments personally to the highest standards.

Dr Kubicka is renowned for a gentle and natural-looking result. As well as standard Botox® injections, treatments on offer also include her own exclusive variants of the treatment:

Patients visit for treatment from across London with some travelling internationally.


clinicbe has a comprehensive range of skin treatments including cosmetic injections such as Botox and dermal fillers including Ellanse; as well as the latest innovations such as PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy), PDO threads and advanced electrolysis. The clinic is based in the Knightsbridge area, easily accessible from and popular with those living or working in Chelsea and Mayfair.

For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email info@clinicbe.com