Tuesday, January 8, 2013

winter skincareHappy New Year? Far from being a time of relaxation, the festivities of Christmas and New Year can leave us looking tired and in need of another holiday! The cold and dry weather can exacerbate poor skin condition even more. 

However, our skincare tips can help you to start the New Year looking fresh-faced, while top treatments could actually leave you looking younger too.

Top 7 Skincare Tips


  1. Beauty starts from within – a healthy balanced diet with 5 a day also helps to supply your body and therefore your skin with the right nutrients for a healthy glow
  2. Hydration matters – ensure that you are properly hydrated, ideally with water and water-rich foods (fruit and veg)
  3. Keep up daily sun protection – tempting to skip it in winter, but protecting your skin year round will really help to keep the wrinkles at bay in the future by keeping away the sun’s harmful rays (yes, even on cloudy days in winter)
  4. Moisturise… a good daily moisturiser morning and evening will help to nourish and protect the skin – choosing one that contains a good SPF helps to tick the sun protection box too
  5. Keep skin clean – always remove your make-up before you go to bed, however tired you are
  6. Weekly treats – a nourishing weekly face mask will rehydrate tired skin
  7. Exfoliate – exfoliating removes dead cells that cause dullness and encourages your skin to produce new ones for a healthy glow

These tips lay a great foundation for good skin throughout the year and especially when skin is challenged by the climate and a hectic lifestyle.

However, if you are trying to turn back the clock and tackle lines and wrinkles, or struggling with a condition like acne, then perhaps it’s time to turn to professional help.

Professional Skin Treatments

The range of skin treatments available with modern aesthetic medicine means that it is entirely possible to leave the clinic with younger, fresher looking skin with a relatively short treatment.

Top treatments include:

  • Botox – the best known and most popular cosmetic injection, which relaxes the fine dynamic facial muscles for smoother skin with fewer lines
  • Fillers – suited to filling deeper lines and wrinkles by adding volume back into the creases that appear with time
  • Dermaroller – micro-needling treatment which stimulates the skin’s own recovery mechanism for a healthy glow
  • Mesotherapy – tiny injections of carefully chosen formula to stimulate and nutrify the skin from within
However, new advances such as PRP platelet rich plasma therapy or PDT photo dynamic therapy give the professional new sophisticated options for a variety of skincare challenges.

Clinicbe® London

Clinicbe® has an innovative approach pioneered by Dr Kubicka, who believes in treating the patient as a whole in order to get the best possible results from any treatments they may have. This means providing valuable diet, nutrition and lifestyle advice in a private consultation, as well as the skin treatment itself.

Treatment options are discussed during a private consultation, which includes dietary and lifestyle advice as well as reviewing medical history and skincare concerns.

Clinicbe® is based in Belgravia, London. For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please call 0207 125 0521, email info@clinicbe.com.