Tuesday, October 29, 2013

sharplight IPLThe good news is that thread veins, which are also sometimes called ‘spider veins’, are not medically harmless.

However, while they may not indicate any harm, the small visible veins that can appear are often found to be aesthetically unattractive and many people would prefer to not to have them.

Using camouflage makeup is one way of dealing with thread veins, although this is of course a temporary solution. In addition, the cosmetics required can be quite thick and heavy and can cause irritation in sensitive skin.

Thankfully there is a new solution to treating small thread veins which can get rid of them.

Tiny blue or red veins can easily and quickly be ‘blitzed’ with IPL laser.

IPL Thread Vein Treatment

The IPL laser device works by giving off bursts of specially tuned intense light-waves, which literally obliterate the tiny vessels at the skin’s surface, so that they are no longer visible.

This treatment is ideal for facial veins and the smaller veins which can sometimes appear on the thighs.

For larger veins, sclerotherapy injections may be a better option.


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