Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Dr Barbara Kubicka with

clinicbe’s latest new video, now on YouTube

Psychotherapist Kathleen O’Hara discusses ‘feeling safe’ with Dr Barbara Kubicka; as she says, feeling safe within oneself gives confidence and is a big issue for women.

Dr Barbara Kubicka explains that the environment can be helpful in reassuring patients about having cosmetic treatment.

Kathleen O’Hara says that realistic expectations are important alongside choosing a good practitioner who will treat appropriately for the right result and not take advantage of unrealistic expectations by over-treating.

feeling safeDr Barbara Kubicka says:

“It is the reason why we created very in depth consultation processes where we go through the process of assessment in terms of personal issues – seeing how they see themselves and what they are concerned about. Then the 2nd part is discussion about where they want to take it; because one person a little improvement is fine and they are happy with this, for another it’s much more that they want to achieve. Then we come in place to discuss what can be done, how long it’s going to take, what are the ways to achieve it, how much it’s going to cost, what the process is going to look like.”

“…it’s a very sensitive subject but it’s crucial in terms of the journey
and use of aesthetic treatments.”

Kathleen O’Hara concludes:

“Feeling safe with your practitioner I think is fundamentally important and has to do with your vulnerability, the expectations and the expertise of the practitioner.”

Dr Kubicka asks:

“Do you think the mindset can have a role in the result, because I’ve noticed very often that if people are nervous almost want something to go wrong because they’re so afraid….

“…very often I can sense it and either stop the treatment or say we’ll put it off for another day.”

Kathleen O’Hara says:

“The mindset plays an important role. That’s why in the assessment and the discussion of treatment it’s so important to get the patient on board… I think it’s a very fearful thing even though it’s so modern and so many people do it we realise there is a safety issue for women getting procedures that’s why the most important thing is read up all the information, find a practitioner that you can talk to and really trust and also who’s going to give you realistic results.”

Dr Kubicka concludes:

“I hope that everyone who experiences it here can confirm it; but that’s what we strive for, that’s what we want. The most important thing is the relationship, the journey. It’s not about the treatment, it’s about the process and hopefully that’s what we deliver.”

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