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Revolutionary Imaging System

visia skin analysis

How often do you focus on one particular area without seeing the face as a whole? Or scrutinise your face in the mirror, conscious that you are struggling to be objective?

The VISIA Complexion Analysis System is a really beneficial addition to the consultation and treatment planning process. The special camera and scanner rotates around your head to encompass views from every possible angle. 

The output is a set of detailed images of your skin, facial anatomy and complexion; which you can discuss with the aesthetic physician together, identifying not just specific troublespots, but also the face as a whole. It provides a much more holistic view of facial ageing and aesthetics.

However, the VISIA system goes further than simple photography.  It also incorporates advanced software which helps to identify the key issues in a person’s skin, as well as projecting how they will age in the coming years and also illustrating how they could look 5-7 years younger.  

VISIA Skin Analysis Features:

  • Comprehensive skin assessment
  • 3 dimensional viewer – natural, colour relief or grey
  • IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized and UV lighting
  • View skin conditions at the epidermis and dermis level
  • Sun damage analysis
  • RBX® Technology to highlight hyperpigmentation, spider veins, inflammation
  • Eyelash analysis
  • Skin type detection
  • Ageing simulation – see show how wrinkles or spots will look 5-7 years older or younger
  • TRUSKIN AGE calculator 
  • Record and measure for ongoing monitoring
  • Compare results to average of the same age/skin type

Skin Conditions Highlighted by VISIA

  • Wrinkles/creases that appear as a result of sun exposure, ageing and decrease in skin elasticity
  • Spots/blemishes
  • Skin texture, variations in smoothness
  • Enlarged pores
  • UV spots, caused by sun damage
  • Brown spots, pigmentation and discoloration
  • Red areas, inflammation, spider veins
  • Porphyrins – bacterial excretions lodged in pores


Your Private Consultation

VISIA 3D skin analysis is available with Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe based in Knightsbridge, London. 

This thorough assessment of your skin enables the doctor and patient to understand together the factors affecting your facial appearance, thereby putting together the most appropriate treatment plan for tackling the issues identified. 

Dr Barbara Kubicka is a fully qualified doctor who has taken additional qualifications in aesthetic medicine. She also has a keen personal interest in and extensive knowledge of issues relating to nutrition and lifestyle, which can be key factors in skincare issues.


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