The Dermapen is a small microneedling tool which is used for very precise treatment of skin problems. 

The Dermapen device contains a number of tiny ‘micro needles’ which penetrate the skin’s outer layers.  This stimulates the skin’s own healing and rejuvenation processes and also allows serums or products to access deeper layers of the skin than would normally be achieved.

Dermapen treatment can be used on its own or alongside other microneedling treatments. 

  • Dermaroller is the best known. This roller device enables the practitioner to treat a larger area quickly and evenly for generalised skin stimulation treatment.  Dermaroller comes in a variety of sizes – smaller rollers are suitable for the face/cheeks/neck; while larger devices can be used for the body areas such as abdomen
  • DermaStamp is a flat device which penetrates the skin evenly. It is smaller than the Dermaroller but larger than DermaPen a roller name is synonymous with skin needling, which has become a very successful treatment option for rejuvenating the skin, acne scarring and multiple other indications
  • Dermapen is the smallest microneedling device, but can achieve the best results through targeting specific problem areas, like around the eyes, specific lines, scarring, acne scarring

All three treatments are available at Clinicbe in Knightsbridge, London.