Lip Thread Lift

Having full lips is generally seen as a sign of sensuality. However, not everybody is born with natural fullness and symmetry in the lip area.

Ageing and Lip Profile

We all find that the natural ageing process can deplete the natural volume in the lips, making them become thinner and less attractive.

The overall shape of the smile line can start to take on a downwards direction, especially when relaxed. Some people find that they quite unintentionally look unhappy or cross, causing frustrating misunderstandings.

Smokers Lips

The loss of lip fullness and the risk for a downturned smile is even worse for smokers. It tends to happen sooner and the results is more accentuated due to a combination of faster breakdown of collagen and elastin with the repeated puffing action together with exposure to free radicals in inhaled air and deprivation of oxygen.

Lip Thread Lift

PDO Threads

lip liftPDO threads offer the very latest non-surgical technology for soft, natural-looking thread lifting. The procedure is newly launched at Clinicbe, where as well as facial rejuvenation, the PDO threads are also used for an innovative lip lift.

They feature no cones and are incredibly fine so can be used in the most delicate procedures such as lifting and sculpting the lips for a more youthful shape.

This procedure is uniquely equipped to help those with a down-turned smile by gently lifting the edges of the mouth for a more pleasing appearance, addressing the downturned mouth for a most pleasing rejuvenating result.

However, with PDO thread lifting, there is a further benefit which enhances the result. PDO threads are made from Polydioxanone, which is a substance that naturally stimulates the production of collagen in the mid layer of the skin creating a firmer and more youthful texture with the appearance of added volume.

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers have become a popular option for boosting the profile of the lips quickly and at relatively low cost. These work to replenish lost volume and can sculpt a very agreeable lip profile by enhancing certain areas to add shape.

However, some patients are deterred from the idea or fillers thanks to the overdone ‘trout pout’. This should not be a risk with a good practitioner, but the thread lift offers another treatment option which does more to address the overall direction of the mouth shape.

Patients might also choose to have a lip filler in conjunction with a lip thread lift for a greater overall result and impact.