Body Blitz Toning

The Body Blitz Toning Treatment is exclusive to Clinicbe. This carefully chosen combination of treatments has been created to help sculpt and refine the body, specifically addressing stubborn areas of fat or cellulite. 

Body Blitz Toning Treatment delivers smoother, firmer and tighter skin for a better contoured body profile.

The order of treatments is designed to work together to break down cellulite and stimulate the cell renewal processes within the skin, creating a tightening effect and a softer texture.

The process comprises 3 steps which are executed in a specific order to maximise the effectiveness of the procedure.

1. Chemical Peel

The chemical peel starts the skin smoothing process with intensive exfoliation of the skin’s surface. This reveals a fresher layer of skin beneath and the process also starts the skin’s own cell renewal responses too.

2. Micro-Needling

Dermaroller micro-needling is a process which creates tiny injuries to the mid-layer of skin, using a specially designed roller which is covered in pricks or needles. A more intensive roller is used for treatments on the body, where the process works to further break down fatty deposits and stimulate circulation in the area as well as promote cell renewal.

Dermaroller has been shown to be effective in tightening skin and improving cellulite alone, but when combined with chemical peel and radio-frequency, the treatments work particularly well together for an enhanced impact.

3. Body Wrap

Body wraps are used to finish and complete the treatment. These have a slimming, cellulite busting and skin-softening effect on their own, but the effect is greater when the treatment is done after the previous stages.

They are also a relaxing and indulgent experience for the patient.

Body Blitz Toning Results

The combined impact of the 4 stages of treatment means that patients can anticipate an immediate effect from the Body Blitz Toning Treatment.

  • tighter skin
  • firmer skin
  • improved cellulite
  • reduced fatty deposits
  • smoother silhouette
  • soft skin

The immediate results make this a good option for patients who are looking for a non-invasive treatment without the recovery or downtime associated with other options. Many patients choose the Body Blitz Toning Treatment prior to a holiday or to tone legs and buttocks prior to the summer season.

Dr Barbara Kubicka, MD, who devised the treatment, says:

“The Body Blitz Toning Treatment is a combination of processes which all contribute to achieving a more contoured silhouette.

It’s a good choice for patients who do not have time to follow a course of laser lipo, but need to achieve a better skin and body tone quickly, for example, before a big holiday or red-carpet type of event.

It is rewarding as it works best in harmony with their own diet and exercise efforts to further enhance the results.”