Lunchtime Express Facial

Half an hour to a more radiant complexion! 

Our NEW Lunchtime Express Facials are carried out by our experienced cosmetologist, including a range of treatments to perk up tired skin.

Express Facial Includes:

The facial includes 3 steps, perfectly timed to fit into your schedule:

  1. gentle exfoliation
  2. mask application
  3. relaxing facial massage using specially chosen top quality skincare products

Who It’s For:

The Express Facial is ideal for those who don’t have time for a longer appointment.

  • Perfect boost to wake up tired skin
  • Improves the complexion by clarifying, refreshing and stimulating the skin
  • Skin will be smooth, glowy and full of brightness

As well as visibly improving the skin, the facial offers 30 minutes of valuable ‘me time’ for a relaxing and energising experience which can leave you looking amazing for business meetings for the rest of the day.


The Express Lunchtime Facial is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with appointments at 12.30, 1pm, 1.30 and 2pm.


For those with a bit longer or requiring a more in depth or customised facial, Clinicbe also offer:

  • organic facial – using only the purest ingredients to nourish and treat the skin
  • snake venom facial – renowned for remarkable anti-ageing properties, smoothing away fine lines
  • exfoliating facial – perks up tired skin by removing the top layer of dead skin cells, followed by nourishing treatment