Snake Venom Facial

The ‘Snake Venom’ Facial is a powerful skin treatment with remarkable anti-ageing properties.

  • It is a safe and effective treatment
  • Perfect as an alternative for patients who are not keen on the idea of having injections
  • A gentler simulation of the effects of botulinum toxin
  • Works all over the skin for a generalised refreshment effect

Syn-Ake Synthetic Snake Venom

Snake venom is a popular ingredient in Hollywood which is now available in the UK for professional skin treatments at leading clinics such as Clinicbe.

The main ingredient used in this Snake Venom Facial, SYN-AKE is actually not real snake venom, but a synthetic version which is used in cosmetology and also certain skin creams. It was developed to mimic the effects of a temple viper’s venom.

A temple viper’s venom is designed to paralyse its prey. The effects it has when applied to the skin are similar, yet softer. The Syn-Ake gently stuns the skin, sending messages to the fine dynamic facial muscles not to contract, so the skin appears smoother and more relaxed with fewer fine lines – thus mimicking the effects of botox injections without the need for a syringe.

Clients can see a remarkable improvement in the fine lines and wrinkles in their skin but without the danger of the ‘frozen look’ which has been associated with poor use of botox injections by inexpert practitioners.

The Snake Venom facial is available at Clinicbe in Knightsbridge – ideally positioned for clients in the Chelsea, Mayfair, Kensington areas.

Snake Venom facials are carried out by Clinicbe’s resident cosmetologist.

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