Maternity Dressing

What to Wear While you are Expecting

by Helen Cowley, Fashion Consultant

Where to Shop

Up until recently the high street has not provided stylish options for pregnant woman which explains why expectant mums avoided maternity wear and instead bought clothes in bigger sizes, a big no no!!

Most high street shops now stock fantastic, stylish and affordable maternity clothing.

Shops that I found for my clients that i have got fantastic pieces from are Top Shop, Zara and H&M. If you have a larger budget to work from there are some amazingly beautiful clothes from shops and websites such as Tiffany Rose for special occasion wear, Isabella Oliver for basics and is amazing for on trend maternity.

Choosing Styles

Clothes that suited your friends whilst pregnant will not necessary suit you as bumps, breasts and hips develop differently whilst your body is changing to accommodate pregnancy.

A lot of women often opt for loose fitting clothes which really makes your body look a lot larger than it is, instead go for slim fitting jeans and tops that fit correctly on your shoulders and arms. Correct positioning can make clothes look and feel so much better.

Look for styles that accommodate changing shapes such as jersey panels in trousers or jeans along with gathering stretchy fabrics in dresses. Take time and try different styles and shapes and work out what clothing styles works best for your body.

As you will be only in these clothes for a short period instead of going for everything on trend, I would suggest buying some key pieces but follow for instance, the season’s trend colours. e.g. autumn 2012 is” warm berry”, colours such as dark purple, dark reds and another great colour this season is olive green. This will automatically update your look.

Footwear can sometimes be more challenging depending on how the individual copes with pregnancy, however simple changes in this area can make a huge difference in updating the wardrobe. Walking in heels may be hard but not impossible on occasions, opt for the heel with a platform under the toes to reduce heel height. Block heel ankle boots are huge this season along with the equestrian riding boot which is always a great look.

It is inevitable when pregnant that your breasts will enlarge. It is vital to get your bra fitted by professionals whilst pregnant, they need to be comfortable as breasts can become quite painful. If you want to make the most of this natural enhancement be careful with necklines avoiding large scoop necklines which shows far to much flesh which is extremely unflattering and makes them look alot larger. Opt for v necks which look fantastic with women with larger busts, it does not matter how deep the v is as long as it is not wide.

Pregnancy vest tops are are extremely useful they give you support and comfort.


I would say the most useful advise is to Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise….

You will have lots of fun, keep your clothes simple and stylish making sure it all fits correctly, then add bangles, necklaces, earrings and scarfs, do do put them on all at once because that will look far too much !!!! instead of,  for a example add a red bangle, red scarf and matching red bag, when you put this all together it looks superb!!!

Very important please do not have anything drastic done with your hair like change your style as I have already made that mistake!!! During pregnancy hormones go bonkers!! Wow that took along time to grow out!!!

Last but not least enjoy this new look of yours…..embrace it and have fun!