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doctor consultationA full consultation with Dr Barbara Kubicka is essential prior to any medical skin treatment taking place.

For an effective treatment plan to deliver the best possible results, we ensure that we fully understand the condition that needs to be treated. Sometimes there are underlying factors which must be fully appreciated and treated in order to get a good outcome for the patient.

Dr Barbara Kubicka is a fully qualified doctor who has taken additional qualifications in aesthetic medicine. She also has a keen personal interest in and extensive knowledge of issues relating to nutrition and lifestyle, which can be key factors in skincare issues.

What Your Consultation Includes

Your consultation may include a number of key aspects.

It will usually start with a relaxed but comprehensive discussion about your skincare concerns as well as reviewing medical and treatment history to identify any underlying causes that are relevant.

Dr Kubicka believes in holistic care, treating the person as a whole not just as a “skin condition” which appears on the surface. Therefore discussion will probably also include understanding of what you do for work and relaxation, your skincare routines, exercise, nutrition and hydration. Dr Kubicka is often able to give patients some helpful suggestions which can improve their skin as well as their general health.

Based on a full understanding of a person’s physiology as well as their hopes for treatment, a suitable plan would be suggested and prices would be confirmed.

Depending on the time available and type of treatment required, it may be possible to start right away in the same session. If not, then a treatment schedule and appointments would be discussed.

Your Appointment

Your consultation and any subsequent treatments will take place in our Knightsbridge clinic in the heart of London.

We offer a totally private and confidential service in a discrete location as we understand that our clients may want to keep your visit to us entirely private.

To arrange an appointment, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email

Consultation Fee

A full private consultation with Dr Kubicka costs £100.

However, the value of consultation fees (or consultation fee deposits) paid may be deducted from the cost of treatments held within 1 month of the original consultation date.

Therefore the £50 consultation fee deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the treatment on the day OR, if treatment does not take place on the day of consultation, a further £50 will need to be paid following your consultation. However, if treatment takes place within a month of the consultation it will qualify for a £100 deduction in respect of the consultation fees paid.

See terms and conditions for more information.