Wednesday, April 16, 2014

hand rejuvenationThe beauty industry tends to focus on the face and hair, yet a survey has revealed that women worry more about the appearance of their hands. 

In fact, hands that look old topped the list of beauty worries coming ahead of lines, wrinkles and grey hairs; as

  • 75% of women said that they thought their hands betrayed their true age
  • 80% of women said they would notice another woman’s hands
  • 42% had noticed their hands looking old in their early 30’s
  • 33% of married women thought their rings would draw attention to their hands

Key problems making the hands appear older include dryness, sun spots, thin skin, prominent veins, lines and wrinkles.

Pictures of celebrities are thought to have contributed to greater awareness of the problem among women, as photos have been published of Madonna, Nicole Kidman and others displaying hands that look markedly older than their faces.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatment

Beyond common sense advice of wearing gloves and using hand cream, professional treatments are growing in popularity as patients seek help restore the appearance of the hands.

Hand rejuvenation treatment is available at Clinicbe in Knightsbridge, where an effective system has been developed by experienced aesthetic physician, Dr Barbara Kubicka, MD. Treatment is customised for each individual client, but might include:

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