Our Clinic

Our exclusive skin treatments clinic is located in the heart of Knightsbridge, close to Cadogan Square and very easily accessible from Mayfair and Chelsea.

We offer a peaceful, tranquil setting for appointments and treatment and our discrete location ensures complete discretion for those that wish it.

The clinic was completely refurbished and opened in May 2013 with beautiful, luxurious furnishings and the latest equipment. Our clinic is set on the ground floor for ease of access.

More than a treatment…

Clinicbe has worked hard to enhance the experience for its clients and patients, ensuring the highest possible standards of comfort and care. All treatment rooms are equipped with innovative features, carefully chosen to maximise the relaxing, restorative experience which is unique to Clinicbe. 

1. Amethyst Biomat

All couches are now equipped with Amethyst Biomats, made of 17 layers including textile, copper, aluminium and amethysts.

These generate far infrared rays (warming, boosting circulation, relaxing muscles/tissues; and relieving pain/discomfort) and negative ions (to relieve stress and boost energy), while reducing EMF (conducting electromagnetic field energy away to the ground).

2. AccuVein

The AccuVein is a handheld infrared device which identifies the location of veins beneath the skin. Understanding the precise location of superficial veins means that needles, cannulas or threads can be positioned very accurately in order to avoid the veins, thereby reducing the risk of bruising to the point where it is almost negligible. 

It is simply a better standard of care, but currently only available at a handful of clinics in the UK. 

3. Theta Waves

Theta wave stimulation is played during treatment at Clinicbe, which enhances the treatment experience, making it relaxing as well as stimulating the brain for an ’emotional healing’ experience.

Theta waves are associated with self-healing, memory, relaxation and emotions and concentration.

This ‘mind and body healing’ can reduce stress and anxiety.

How to Choose a Skin Treatment Clinic

Video Interview with Dr Barbara Kubicka


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Clinicbe®, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 0EH

T: 0207 125 0521



Clinicbe is very easily accessible from Sloane Square, Knightsbridge and South Kensington tube stations.

Metered parking is available on Cadogan Square. Other alternatives are Harrods, NCP on Pavilion Road and Cadogan Place.