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A New Innovation in Non-Surgical Treatments

Think of cosmetic treatments and most people automatically think of cosmetic injections such as anti-ageing toxin-based wrinkle-relaxants (e.g. Botox injections) or dermal fillers. These are well-established treatments are popular the world over, yet at the cutting edge of non-surgical treatment practice, there are new innovations coming through which are designed to make treatment more effective for the patient.


The MesoBe treatment combines the multiple injection approach of mesotherapy with the active ingredients of wrinkle-relaxants, using a new pain-free delivery method.


Dr Barbara Kubicka is well-known for her use of mesotherapy, a treatment which uses many, many tiny injections into the mid layer of the skin to deliver carefully chosen nutrients or moisture-trapping hyaluronic acid.

The mesotherapy process of multiple injections allows a broad treatment area for a generalised effect which is natural-looking, rather than over-targeting a specific area which can draw attention to the treatment itself rather than a good result.

Mesotherapy also stimulates skin tightening and delivers a soft and natural freshening of the skin.

Botox Injections

Most commonly, these are administered using a syringe into a few key points in the treatment area, such as the forehead, crows’ feet, laughter lines or nose to mouth lines.This traditional approach means that just a few injections can be used to freeze the nerves causing fine dynamic facial movements so that movement is diminished and lines smoothed away.

However, delivering anti-wrinkle injections using the mesotherapy approach uses miniscule quantities of the active ingredient, taking the ‘light anti-wrinkle treatment’ concept a step further. The ‘secret’ to the treatment is in the gentle spread of delivery for a subtle and gentle yet comprehensive treatment.

Pain-Free Treatment Delivery

Clinicbe® has invested in the very latest equipment to offer patients a genuinely pain-free injecting experience for non-surgical skin treatments requiring multiple injections.

The innovative pain-free mesotherapy and PRP injection system is at the forefront of skin treatment technology, using a scientifically and clinically proven device which makes the injecting experience entirely comfortable throughout for skin treatment patients – ideal where the patient has any concern about multiple injections.

Exclusive to Clinicbe

MesoBe is an exclusive and unique combination of tried and tested processes for an enhanced result.

The finished appearance is natural and even, thanks to a subtle distribution of the powerful wrinkle-relaxing injections, leaving patients look rested and fresh with fewer lines and wrinkles.