Neck and Jaw-Line Programme

Exclusive to Dr Barbara Kubicka

The neck and jawline area are a give-away of age, yet notoriously difficult to treat. Even A-listers have been found with smooth line free foreheads at start contrast with a wrinkly and saggy jaw and neck area.

As the structure of the skin becomes looser with age, so the area can start to sag, so that deep folds and creases begin to appear. The use of various cream will moisturise but not have any real impact on tightening the skin.

As an experienced cosmetic skin treatments doctor with many years’ experience in anti-ageing medicine, Dr Kubicka has created her own unique Neck and Jaw-Line Programme, combining a selection of carefully chosen techniques and treatments to tackle this difficult area for results which look visibly younger with more definition.

The objective is twofold:

  1. to lift and smooth tired neck skin
  2. to tighten and re-define the jaw-line

Neck and Jaw-Line Programme

The exclusive treatment combination utilises a series of options which work together to produce a tighter, younger-looking neck area.

  1. 2 sessions of “Sculptra” deep injectable fillers to replenish lost volume beneath the skin’s surface by stimulating collagen production
  2. 3 sessions of Dermaroller micro-needling treatment to boost the production of collagen and stimulate skin-tightening
  3. Chemical peel to exfoliate and buff the surface layer of skin for a smoother finish, as well as boosting skin cell production
  4. NeoStrata® home care product to complement, continue and extend the treatment programme

Dr Barbara Kubicka explains why she developed this treatment:

“I had a number of patients, predominantly ladies over 45, who were delighted with the results of anti-ageing injections for tackling the lines and wrinkles on their faces. However, they found that their necks were betraying their years, looking saggy and heavy, while the ‘softness’ around the jaw also made them look less youthful.”

“As a firm believer in the power of non-surgical treatments, I was keen to find a solution to intensively target and tackle this area for my patients.”

This is generally preferable to surgery – neck lifts can be not only expensive, but surgery and anaesthetic in itself carries a number of risks for the patient as well as being more invasive with longer recovery. Surgery is of course irreversible, whereas a non-surgical approach can be built upon and adjusted.

Before and After Neck Treatment

neck treatment before

Before neck rejuvenation treatment

neck treatment after

After neck rejuvenation treatment

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