Eyelash Growth Serum

Stronger, Thicker, Longer Natural Lashes

Long eyelashes have always been fashionable, looking attractive and feminine.  They make your eyes look bigger, sparklier and more open.

However, if mascara and false eyelashes are not enough, there are new methods of improving your eyelashes.

Dr Barbara Kubicka offers highly effective eyelash treatment, which can make the eyelashes:

  • Stronger
  • Thicker
  • Longer

The beauty of this treatment is that it promotes your own lashes’ natural growth.  This means that they’ll look great even without make-up.  When you add mascara or a few false lashes for a night out, they’ll look even more spectacular.

The treatment is medically supervised by Dr Barbara Kubicka and involves specialist eyelash growth formula which stimulates eyelash growth and retention. It does not involve clumsy eyelash extensions or transplantation, but simply encourages your own eyelashes to grow better for completely natural results.

Consultations with Dr Barbara Kubicka are the starting point to discuss how this treatment could help you to say goodbye to awkward false eyelashes for good!