Eyedealise Eye Treatment

Eye Rejuvenation for Tired Eyes and Dark Circles

They say the eyes are the window to the soul… Certainly fresh, bright and healthy eyes are a very attractive feature.

However, as the skin begins to age, the eyes can be one of the most challenging areas as the skin is so delicate. A number of tell-tale signs can appear which can be very difficult to hide, as we are naturally drawn to make eye contact when we meet people.

The aged appearance of the eye area is exacerbated for people who smoke and/or spend a lot of time in the sun and those who are tired or stressed.

Problems may include:

  • Dark circles
  • Hollows under or around the eyes
  • Droopy eyelids, lending a tired appearance
  • Fine and deep lines and creases around the eye area, known as crow’s feet and laughter lines
  • Saggy eyebrows which appear to have sunk
  • Loose skin around the eyes, a hooded eye
  • Fat or saggy eyebags

Clinicbe® founder and doctor, Dr Barbara Kubicka has created a unique and exclusive treatment which works to rejuvenate the eye area without the costs, expense and long recovery times of surgical eye rejuvenation options.

This treatment is only available at Clinicbe® in Knightsbridge, as it is exclusive to Dr Kubicka.

“Eyedealise” Non-Surgical Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

The key to the innovative “Eyedealise Treatment” is the skilful combination of a number of treatment options. It is a targeted and highly sophisticated treatment plan created specifically to tackle the eye area.

The exact treatment approach is adjusted to suit each patient’s own needs, but treatments may often include:

  • dermal fillers to tackle deep lines or restore lost volume (e.g. creases or hollows)
  • mesotherapy to rehydrate and nourish the skin from within, stimulating regeneration and health
  • botox anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles causing lines around the eye for smoother, younger-looking skin
  • eyelash growth stimulation to generate thicker, longer, stronger eyelashes which completes the treatment for more vibrant, alert looking eyes

Dr Barbara Kubicka said:

“The results of the Eyedealise eye rejuvenation treatment are amazingly natural and can bring back more youthful, sparkly, open and attractive eyes. Patients cannot believe that this is possible without surgery, but it is!”

Who is Eyedealise For?

Eyedealise is ideal for anybody who is concerned about the appearance of their eyes. Perhaps they are tired new Mums wanting to look alert for the workplace, or people wanting to look younger, more alive and “switched on” but finding their eyes make them look tired all the time.

How much is Eyedealise?

The treatment combination can vary from patient to patient, depending on their requirements and the condition of the skin in the eye area, which dictates which approach may be most suitable. Treatment costs from £805, but a price would be confirmed at the consultation.

Eyedealise FAQ

Is Eyedealise safe?

Eyedealise combines a series of the world’s most popular anti-ageing treatments which have excellent track records.

How will I look?

Don’t worry, Eyedealise isn’t there to freeze your expression, just to smooth out and improve the appearance of the eye area.

What does treatment feel like?

All our treatments are made as comfortable as possible according to the treatment and the individual’s personal requirements. Ice is used as a topical anaesthetic and this is sufficient for many patients. If necessary, a dental block anaesthetic may also be used. Pain killers are also available if required.

Are there any risks?

Every medical procedure has risks, no matter how small. However, dermal fillers, mesotherapy and botox are generally considered to be quite safe when practised by an experienced doctor. Side-effects, if they arise, are usually short term swelling, redness, pain, bruising, tenderness and itching.