Natural Skin Treatments

Professional skincare is often associated with popular injectable treatments such as botox® and dermal fillers. 

Although these are highly effective, however, they are not the only solution to anti-ageing or skincare problems.

While the results of non-surgical treatments are excellent, many patients prefer the idea of more natural skincare treatments which involve no toxins.

Dr Barbara Kubicka based at Clinicbe® is a highly skilled aesthetic medicine physician with specialist qualifications and many years experience in the field, including work at Harrod’s Urban Retreat.

As well as offering natural results with traditional non-surgical treatments, she is keen to explore the latest developments in natural aesthetic medicine. She particularly recommends the following treatment options for patients seeking naturally-based solutions for cosmetic or medical skin treatments:

  • PRP – platelet rich plasma therapy
  • Mesotherapy – using intensive vitamin concentrate
  • Dermaroller – micro-needling to stimulate collagen production and skin renewal on the face or body
  • Vitamin A peel – intensive skin nutrition and exfoliation
  • Vitamin injections

Private Natural Skincare Consultation

Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe® offers private consultations which include a medically based skincare review.

Dr Kubicka believes that understanding the whole person is key to providing the right advice and treatment, so the consultation may include understanding of each patient’s lifestyle, dietary advice, exercise and lifestyle review before looking at the patient’s goals and concerns in terms of their skincare.

For a private consultation please telephone: 0207 125 0521 or email: