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Building on her own reputation for excellence in Doctor-led skincare, Dr Barbara Kubicka established the Clinicbe® brand as a unique concept in integrated skin and healthcare.

Bringing patients the latest skincare technology and techniques, we only use expert and experienced doctors who are highly skilled in the latest anti-ageing and skin treatments. As well as popular wrinkle-relaxing injections and dermal fillers, Dr Kubicka is especially renowned for PDO threads and  mesotherapy injections. She also offers her own exclusive combination treatments to tackle difficult issues such as dark circles, tired eyes, hair loss and the difficult jaw/neck area.

Clinicbe® is designed to offer a peaceful, relaxing environment yet are equipped with the latest technology for a wide range of treatments and medical procedures. Our treatment centre is based in Knightsbridge, providing easy access from Chelsea, Mayfair, West and Central London. However, patients do travel from further afield and treatment plans can even be arranged for overseas patients.

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Cosmetic treatments, also known as non-surgical treatments have become very popular.
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Our cosmetologist at Clinicbe® offers a series of facial and body treatments.
Fat Reduction, Skin Tightening, Anti-Cellulite, Body Cosmetology & more
The Triple Synergy Hair System is exclusive to Dr. Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe®.
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Clinicbe® has had excellent results from its first CQC inspection. In the inspection on 12th December 2017, which was published 9th January 2018, Clinicbe® had a positive report for each of the categories assessed CQC Report 2017 The CQC assess the same five key points for all the services inspected. Clinicbe®'s results were excellent throughout: Are services safe? The CQC found that Clinicbe® was providing safe care in accordance with the relevant regulations. This means that clients can be confident that they are protected from abuse and avoidable harm. Are services effective? The CQC found that that Clinicbe® was providing effective care in accordance with the relevant regulations. This means that patient care, treatment and support achieve good outcomes. Are services caring? The CQC found that that Clinicbe® was providing caring services in accordance with the relevant regulations. This means that staff involve and treat patients with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. Are services responsive? The CQC found that that Clinicbe® was providing responsive care in accordance with the relevant regulations. This means that services are organised so that they meet clients' needs. Are services well-led? The CQC found that that Clinicbe® was providing well-led care in accordance with the relevant regulations. This means that the leadership, management and governance of the organisation make sure it's providing high-quality care that's based around individual needs. CQC Status Clinicbe®'s current CQC status is shown below in information drawn directly from the CQC: CQC Registration Clinicbe® has chosen to voluntarily registered with the CQC, which means that the clinic has to be regularly audited to ensure that the Care Quality Commission's high standards for service and protocols are being met.  The clinic is registered as Doctors/GPs under type of service in the Local Authority of Kensington & Chelsea. The decision to register with the CQC is one that demands ongoing high standards and many clinics and salons prefer not to be held to account in this way. However, for patients, it is very reassuring to be able to review  CQC reports and understand the standards that have to be met. As Clinicbe® has always been committed to providing the highest levels of service and satisfaction, the CQC registration was a natural decision.  Clinicbe London Dr Kubicka established Clinicbe as a unique integrated skin and healthcare concept based in the Knightsbridge area of London. Popular aesthetic treatments include wrinkle-relaxing injections and facial fillers as well as mesotherapy and dermaroller. The clinic also has the latest pain-free mesotherapy injection system, PRP and new PDO threads. For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email
January is a time when millions of Brits commit to improving their health and appearance. Wanting to shift a bit of excess weight after Christmas is almost the norm for adults, as the average weight gain over the season is said to be in the region of 5lbs per adult, with some gaining significantly more due to overindulging in high calorie food while exercising insufficiently. Steady and sensible diet and exercise are the key to long term weight loss, but many people still struggle with a specific 'trouble spot' where fatty deposits have gathered and are stubbornly refusing to shift. This is where professional treatments can be helpful, in targeting the areas of difficulty to break down the fat for a leaner silhouette. Non-Surgical Liposuction 'Fat Freezing' Cryolipolysis has become well known as a potential method for tackling unwanted areas of fat. This procedure works by using intense cold to 'kill off' fat cells so that they are naturally dispelled by the body's metabolic processes. The result is a leaner, smoother body shape with tighter and firmer skin too. MICOOL-A™ Clinicbe offers the award-winning MICOOL-A™ Cryo Fat Reduction system, which offers excellent fat reduction effectiveness compared to other cold-based devices. MICOOL-A™ can target the treatment area very directly to break down unwanted fatty deposits without damaging the surrounding tissues. Aqualyx Fat Reduction Injections Aqualyx fat-busting injections are ideal for breaking down smaller, localised areas of stubborn fat - such as those beneath the chin, on the cheeks or around the knees. The injections use a special solution which 'dissolve' the fatty deposits so that they can be expelled by the body. As well as smaller areas, Aqualyx injections can also be used on other areas of the body including tummy, hips, thighs, buttocks or arms. Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is a speciality of Dr Barbara Kubicka. This procedure uses miniscule injections of specially chosen solution which work to stimulate the body. Dr Kubicka has created her own special technique for mesotherapy on the body - known as MesoBody. This procedure is exclusive to Clinicbe® and involves using mesotherapy injections to break down fat and cellulite. The technique also works to tighten the skin, resulting in a smoother, leaner profile. Mesotherapy is safe and effective on a wide variety of areas and issues. Private Consultation Every patient is different with a unique set of requirements. The consultation is the starting point, with discussion of the problems and what the patient is trying to achieve as well as a medical review; after which the doctor can recommend the most appropriate treatments. Clinicbe London Clinicbe® in London was founded by experienced Aesthetic Physician Dr Barbara Kubicka. Dr Kubicka takes a holistic approach to skincare treatments; treating the patient as a whole in order to get the best possible results from any treatments they may have. Private consultations often include individual advice on nutrition, hydration and lifestyle as well as professional treatments. Advice on skin treatments is made after extensive discussion and review and suggestions are made from one of London’s best ranges of skin treatments. ClinicBe has a comprehensive range of skin treatments including cosmetology facials, injections and the latest treatments such as mesotherapy and PRP fillers. The clinic is based in the Knightsbridge area of London, easily accessible from and popular with those living or working in Chelsea and Mayfair. For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation, please contact us on 0207 125 0521 or email

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