Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx® is used to ‘dissolve’ stubborn pockets of fat which remain resistant to diet or exercise.

The Aqualyx® treatment is suitable for tackling areas around the face or on the body, wherever fat gathers. For example, areas that might be treated include:

  • tummy, ‘muffin top’, stomach or abdomen
  • hips or ‘saddle bags’
  • thighs – including inner thigh area
  • knees
  • buttocks
  • ‘bingo wings’ – upper arms
  • inner thighs
  • double chin
  • fat cheeks

How does Aqualyx® Work?

Aqualyx® is based on a formulation containing deoxycholic acid. This is a secondary bile acid which the body naturally produces to liquefy the fat in the gut.

Aqualyx® injections liquefy the fat cells, destroying them permanently and releasing lipids which are then expelled by the body through the lymphatic system.

This is not a weight loss treatment or an alternative to diet and exercise; but Aqualyx® injections are very helpful in refining body shape by tackling those areas that are stubborn.

The human body is designed to store fat in certain areas as an ‘emergency ration’. Fat cells in the deep subcutaneous tissue are difficult to diminish. Aqualyx® literally reduces the amount of fat cells in those areas most resistant to toning.

Key Facts

  • Treatment time: 60 minutes
  • Number of treatments: 3 – 5 body, 1 – 3 face
  • How often: 6 week intervals
  • Downtime: 7 – 10 days
  • Post treatment: swelling, redness, bruising and tenderness, sometimes numbness to the treated area for a few weeks and itchiness
  • Topical anaesthesia: cream applied for 30 minutes

Aqualyx Injections FAQ

Why Isn’t Diet/Exercise Enough?

Sometimes regular exercise and a well-balanced diet still don’t give the streamlined physique we’re after. The cause for this is often genetic, relating to the structure of fat cells in certain areas. So if your mother had a tendency to a double chin, you may unfortunately inherit it.

The human body is designed to store fat in certain areas as an ’emergency ration’. Fat cells in the deep subcutaneous tissue are difficult to diminish. Aqualyx® literally reduces the amount of fat cells in those areas most resistant to toning.

How Many Treatments?

A course of 3-5 treatments on the body and 1-3 on the face is usually advised for the best results. Each treatment session takes around an hour to complete..

How Long does it Take?

Each treatment session takes under half an hour to complete.

Does it Hurt?

Treatment is surprisingly comfortable. Firstly, Aqualyx® contains a local anaesthetic element which numbs the area. An extremely fine and flexible cannula is used for the injection itself, which makes it more comfortable than a traditional hypodermic syringe. Finally, fat tissue is relatively free of sensation anyway, so there is very little discomfort throughout.

What After-Effects Should I Expect?

Very often there will be some localised swelling and reddening during this process. There is a risk of bruising for a few days. The post treatment inflammation is very important as the fibroblasts are stimulated producing collagen and elastin. This causes skin tightening so that you are not left with excess skin after the fat reduction.

What Else Should I Consider?

MiCool A (cryolipolysis – fat freezing) is also available at Clinicbe for tackling unwanted areas of fatty deposits. For best results, the two treatments may be used in combination.

Aqualyx® may be also combined with other treatments. The timing of any combination of treatments will be agreed upon during consultation. Please contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss this further.