Friday, August 14, 2015

Why the Eyes Matter

eye treatmentThe eyes are often referred to as the ‘windows to the soul’ and are arguably the most expressive facial feature, able to communicate with tiny movements a person’s mood, approachability and reliability at a glance.

We tend to distrust somebody who won’t look you in the eye and be sceptical about somebody with small or close set eyes. Large and open eyes are considered attractive but too large can be considered naïve.

As well as communicating personality traits and mood, the eyes are key to how attractive a person is perceived to be.

What Makes Eyes Beautiful


Facial mapping experts have recently shown that for women, almond shaped eyes are considered to be the most beautiful shape, with arched, shapely eyebrows. For men, the ideal eye shape is oval with straight eyebrows. For both genders, other research has shown the importance of symmetry and balance in facial features.

The shape of the eyes is something that people are born with, but it does change over time. The eyes are one of the areas where the signs of ageing are most visible and obvious and at Clinicbe, we see many patients who would like to make their eyes appear more youthful again.

Common Complaints

How the Eyes Age 

  • Crow’s feet and laughter lines – fine lines and wrinkles that appear around the eye area are one of the first giveaways of age, especially for those who have enjoyed the sun
  • Heavy/droopy eyelids – as the skin loses elasticity and starts to sag, the eyes can look heavy, making a person appear tired or angry
  • Hollows under eyes – the appearance of hollows beneath the eye is caused by the loss of volume and tightness within the skin
  • Dark circles – skin beneath the eyes can look a darker colour, making a person look tired all the time
  • Eye bags – loose skin beneath the eyes can even fall into ageing creases and folds in the worst cases
  • Smaller eyes – as the skin ages, there is less tautness and the eyes appear smaller and less open
  • Tired eyes – a common problem for patients from the 30’s onwards is that the eyes look tired and jaded all the time, which can be an issue at work and socially
  • Lower eyebrows – a high brow is a youthful feature, but as the skin ages, the eyebrows tend to drift lower
  • Flatter eyebrows – shapely arched brows are a desirable feature, but again with age, they tend to flatten and become straight
  • Thinning eyelashes and eyebrows – thick eyelashes are a highly desirable feature but as we age, the lashes tend to grow more sparsely


Ultimate Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment

Eyedealise is a combination treatment which was created by Dr Barbara Kubicka and is exclusive to Clinicbe.

Treatment combines a variety of non-surgical treatments for a more comprehensive result. Clinicbe’s exclusive Eyedealise treatment is a customised combination of:

The combination works to effectively and instantly rejuvenate the eye area.

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