Skincare for New Mums

After pregnancy, the body is never truly the same again.

Your body has been through a 9 month roller coaster of hormones and cravings and changed shape dramatically to accommodate the growing baby. Then the trauma of childbirth will of course leave you exhausted.

After childbirth, things start to revert to normal, but with a baby in the house, Mums find that they need to redefine that term “normal”!

With regard to skincare and beauty, “replenishment” is the key word – replacing lost nutrients and energy by nourishing the skin and restoring a healthy fresh complexion.

The following may be especially appropriate for consideration:


  • exfoliation to promote skin cell renewal – try a chemical peel
  • vitamin A
  • biotine
  • PRP – platelet rich plasma therapy for a natural glow
  • skin boost
  • dermaroller – micro-needling procedure to promote the skin’s own regeneration and collagen production

Dealing with loose skin after weight loss:

  • dermal fillers and/or sculptra to tackle deep facial lines or hollows
  • cellulite treatment
  • dermaroller


Much of the advice given during pregnancy applies throughout breastfeeding.

This means that treatments such as botox and dermal fillers are inadvisable while Mums are still feeding the baby.

However, there are 100% natural treatments that can give dramatic skin improvement results.

Signs of Tiredness

Looking tired is a common complaint for most new mums (probably second only to feeling tired!).

Cosmetic treatments can help enormously and are particularly popular with professional women who are keen to recover a fresh appearance for the workplace, needing to hide the effects of sleepless nights.

At Clinicbe®, Dr Barbara Kubicka offers her own exclusive “Eyedealise” treatment which is designed to tackle the signs of tiredness around the delicate eye area. Her revolutionary “Eyedealise Treatment” carefully combines a number of treatment options to create a tailor-made plan for each patient to tackle the eye area.

The exact treatment is literally created to suit each patient’s own needs and of course will be adapted to take account of any other medical or skincare issues as well as whether you are still breastfeeding or not. In a typical treatment plan, the methods used may include:

  • dermal fillers to tackle deep lines or restore lost volume (e.g. hollows below the eyes)
  • mesotherapy to rehydrate and revitalise the skin from within, improving it’s texture, quality and strength
  • botox anti-wrinkle injections are used to gently erase crow’s feet or laughter lines
  • eyelash growth stimulation treatment is used, to promote thicker, longer, stronger lashes and really make the eye area come alive

Dr Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe® offers private consultations which include a full medical review, dietary advice and skincare consultation. She specialises in helping pregnant women and those who have babies and young children.

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